Paulette Goodreau Announces Her Retirement

Paulette of Goodreau Doll  has announced that she and Annette are retiring from the doll manufacturing business.  Here is the copy of her post on Facebook:

Annette and i have decided that we are retiring from the doll manufacturing business. I am still going to be a doll artist but it will be ooaks, designs for other companys, and perhaps some small runs of resin and vinyl for my charity projects.

As a lot of you know my Mom has alzeheimers and her health has declined. I want to be able to help my sister Mary with her care. We are also in limbo with a move to the east, 4 super old dogs, and 3 young pups! I want to take care of them and the doll companys just take so much of my time. They have been very profitable for us and allowed us to give back, but sometimes money is not everything. Sometimes time is much important.

The remainder of Goodreau Doll merchandise is moving to Toona Roona, we hope to make the transition in the next three weeks. Till then my goodreau doll website is down, you will be redirected to the toona roona website, and hopefully be able to order sometime in Dec. I am working
as fast as I can to pack the goodreau stock up.

I will still be at modern doll and i will be mentoring a few more artists this year. So i am still around and I still am working on what I would like to do with MIM, sell it, or close it down. Annette has encouraged me to start writing so perhaps after i sort MIM out I will finishthe 4 books i am working on!!!!

We have done so much in the last 7 years i feel so very fortunate. Annette and i with the help of all of you have built successful companys and we have been able to help generate or directly give tens of thousands of dollars to charity. We will continue to do many charitable projects and continue to give what we can to a world that has given us so much. Love you all Paulette

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  1. this is kinda sad as I like her dolls and have collected about half a dozen