Review of the Tropicalia Dolls

I wanted to review the dolls and fashions coming out of the Tropicalia convention earlier but I hesitated because the fashions are mostly so bad that it's confusing. Out of the 8-doll Convention collection, the worst are the outfits worn by Veronique and Kyori with close runners-up Adele, Natalia and Colette.
What is this outfit?
The color combinations, style mismatching, poor fit and generally cheap-looking appearance is mystifying. While the dolls themselves are not unattractive, the clothes are. I keep hearing "Who Let the Dogs Out?"
Dasha's dress looks flimsy and poorly constructed. What a waste.

The neat little fashions on the Poppy Parkers are fine. Victoire Roux' fashions are well conceived and presented. Although I'm not sure about the roses (?) on the gown. Anja's dress is so not weird that I wonder what happened. Even the two most beautiful of dolls, Vanessa and Eugenia, had dresses that were uncomfortable looking and without any high style.
The clear winner of the event is Escapism Elise Jolie. Although her dress is a little tortured it looks interesting and I think she is stunning. The FR2 shoe pack is very nicely designed.
The Imogen gift set is so crappy I don't even want to go there. Three skimpy dresses? Red and black?
Good grief.
This had to be the lamest bunch of convention fashions ever.  Look back only a few years at the beautiful fashions and compare what came out of Orlando to what existed previously. 

 The names on the Saturday night dolls have been changed. Vanessa is now being called the give away doll and Imogen is the official convention doll.



  1. Wow. There's nothing else to say. Sad that Vanessa gets regulated to Give Away Doll status.. maybe with her new face everyone in the Design Studio failed to recognize her. LOL. Her outfit looks she's been busy working with Dr. Barbie at the Veterinarian Hospital [circa 1994]. What's happened to these once wonderful dolls?

  2. I think they are now focusing more on cuantity than quality, I mean I would prefered 10-15 WELL designed dolls than near 50 sloppily put together ones, this seems to be the trend since last years convention, It's kind of weird, because the spring collection seemed so wonderful this year that I had so much hope, but was disappointed. For me the best conventions were from 2008 to 2010, and for you?

    1. There were so many amazing dolls that came out of conventions I think you picked three of the best years.

  3. Oh you said it all, completely agree with you on Imogen she looks sooo cheap, Natalia looks like a granny - terrible outfit. The worst dresses ever have to be from Eugenia and Vanessa. BUT I do not agree with you on Veronique, I think its the best outfit of the whole convention (she should be convention doll) Yes, with the exception of Dashas dress FR2 was the best. Good review!

  4. Sigh, let's hope L.A. can produce some memorable dolls

  5. Sadly you're correct
    The quality has gone down and Vaughn has horrible taste as a designer
    I would like to see Chris and or David promoted to main designer
    They will still cry broke and say how impossible it is to produce product with an agreeable price point anymore
    (this is what they said a WClub lunch)
    Move production out of China Tired of hearing them complain about China