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I am offering for sale several of the Tropicalia Convention Items. They are all listed on my Show & Sell pages. Here is the list of what is remaining at the current time as I have sold most of what I did not want to keep. Please note that if it is not listed here, I don't have it or I'm keeping it. You can find images to these items (except the chairs) in prior blog posts.

Tropicalia Imogen's 3 Dresses, Handbag, Bracelets  
This offering is for the two red dresses, one black dress, red handbag and two gold metal bracelets that came with Imogen in the round giftset box. (Not included: ring and shoes.) If you would like the round giftset box in which this doll was packaged, add $25. to the total.
Price: $119. Plus Postage

OUTFIT from Vanessa Perrin Tropicalia Convention Doll 
 This is the gown that was provided for the Vanessa convention doll. All accessories that came with the gown (if any) will be included.
Price: $89 Plus Postage

Outfit Only Sweet Victory Natalia Fatalé
Price: $75. Plus Postage

Tropicalia Peak Season Kyori Sato
 NRFB $150 NUDE $90 OUTFIT $60 I believe this is the first Kyori with a new sculpt. She has blonde hair and her outfit is just adorable.
Price: $150.

Tropicalia Dinner Event Doll - Anja
Beautiful long brunette wavy hair. Purple dress. Tan skin. NRFB from Thursday night dinner.
Price: $139. Plus Postage

If you are interested, please email me with your zip code or country. Emails get faster response as opposed to PM's. International shipping must go via Priority Mail which is trackable. Most items will have to be insured as that protects both of us. Please note: I do not put items on hold without a substantial deposit. I do add the Paypal fee into the shipping quote. However, if you can make *t for the items and I will invoice with exact postage and Paypal fees (....) as soon as the items arrive.

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