Tropicalia: Final Act

The official photos and titles of the last three dolls have been released by Integrity Toys, clearing up some confusion - I think.
Apparently, according to her title, Imogen is not the convention souvenir doll. She was the Welcome Kit Gift Set. Someone screwed that up in it's distribution as the welcome kits usually are doled out piece by piece.
Fame by Frame
Imogen Dressed Doll Welcome Kit Gift Set
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive
 Eugenia is a gorgeous doll with a less than stellar gown.
High Profile
Eugenia Perrin Frost Dressed Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive Table Centerpiece
 Vanessa is the convention doll. She is a new sculpt. Back to the open mouth and closer to the original than the last two incarnations which were not popular among most long time collectors. The gown was given out with the registration (welcome?) kit. Vanessa was distributed in a baggie! Who is running this show these days? Who cares. I'm glad that someone had the good sense to make a real Vanessa again and to make her the convention doll. She deserves it. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.
High Point
Vanessa Perrin Official Convention Doll
2012 Tropicalia Convention Exclusive

I'm off to attend the last function of the Jamieshow Convention in a few minutes. We're doing brunch at a gallery where George's photography is currently being featured. I'll be back in PA later today. Back to the packed dolls and showcases waiting for their empty spaces to fill up. Four more cases are on their way from Ikea. I was busy before. Now I'm going to be ridiculously occupied.


  1. I'm not feeling any of these FR Convention dolls. The dresses look really badly made. The silhouette dresses & gowns look really cheap to me. Not really Fashion Royalty anymore.

    There's new faces, old faces with new names, old names with new faces.. all of this confusion leaves me wondering who they are. I never would have thought FR would have went this way. I used to champion these dolls when no one knew who they were. Now, I don't know who they are. LOL. [No Misaki sightings?]

  2. Rumor is that the decision to switch the giftset as the convention doll with Vanessa was made at the last minute. Looks like someone forgot to change the titling to the pictures though. I think that confirms the rumor is true.

  3. I agree that the outfits were less than stellar. I was surprised when I saw that Imogen was announced as the convention doll. Of course, when I went and it was Tatyana, I was surpised then as well and, I admit, disappointed. The year I missed out on Fine Jewel Eugenia and refused to pay the crazy resale prices for her. This year's Eugenia is beautiful, but then they are always beautiful!


    P.S. Happy Anniversary to you and Bob!

  4. It's actually pretty embarrassing. Carol and Alain were like, "this year we aren't giving you a convention doll, we're giving you a convention gift set!" and everyone oohs and ahs. But the box we got at check in was a sloppily tied in dress and accessories, like someone just undressed the doll and put the outfit back. Which is obviously what they did. They didn't give shippers for either doll so who would know? Must have been pretty embarrassing for Carol to have egg on her face when her own W Club emails didn't update the "names" of the dolls. Someone wasn't proof reading the W Club announcements which obviously stated Vanessa was the convention doll, not Imogen. So stupid to lie like that. They could have just said that's how they were doing it this year. So now basically everyone know Vanessa was the convention doll but is already removed from box, so there will never be an NRFB convention doll for 2012. Sloppy, sloppy.

  5. Wow...those gowns (on "Vanessa" and Eugenia) remind me of Jr.High Home-Ec projects.
    Really bad designs and "left-over" color swatches (that look terrible together!)

  6. I'm glad I didn't make the long trip to Florida! I would have been terribly disappointed and I'm sure some people were!! Maybe LA will be better.....

  7. After seeing these, I am so glad I decided to stop collecting IT dolls.
    I almost always love IT face sculpts, but these fashions and jewelry just look cheap. Their price points are ridiculous, too! I wish this company would go back to the quality that made them great.

  8. These outfits don't even deserve the name 'Fashion', let alone 'Royalty'. And the prices are ridiculous. I do like the dolls, but they should have been proper dressed, in real outfits, with a good design, to deserve these prices.
    Like I said, I do like the dolls, but I redress them in Silkstone outfits, when they fit, at least those outfits look so much better and high fashion. Where have the outfits gone Integrity used to make? Only Victoire is well dressed in haute couture. Just my opinion.