Sybarite Domina, Champ Pac Accessory

I deboxed Domina last night and absolutely love her. She is stunning. From her hair to her neutral face palette to her animal print stockings, she's a winner in every way. I must get her a whip.

The workmanship on the shoes is not perfect. There seems to be glue mixed with paint in certain areas. You can see smudging of the black onto the tan in this image. So she isn't perfect but she's as close as it gets.

My Champ Pac was finally released from customs in New York. That was the first experience I ever had with a parcel being held in customs. I'm wondering if it had something to do with the Olympics being held in London and the security surrounding the events. I wonder if all parcels shipped out of London were held longer than usual at their destinations? Odd.

 The contents of the Pac is a collection of fun items: five shorts, two sequin tube tops, sheer gloves, two "shocking" colored wigs, winged pumps, a space blanket, champagne and best of all, four pairs of expressive hands. I could do without a few of the items but the hands were the important part of the Pac to me. The tube tops can be combined with other fashions so they will be useful and the wigs can certainly be used for fun shots. Anyone want a space blanket? I read that these mylar blankets are used by some athletes to keep the body warm. That makes sense.

Another shot of Neurotica in repose on my kitchen island.


  1. Domina is fabulous, I mean, to die for. Her facial screening is delicious! (I'm so glad to see your photos again, Terri!)

    I'm anxious to see how the interchangeable hands work. Be sure to have a chopstick handy--you may not even need a pair of hemostats--I'm not sure if they are a standard household item, LOL. ;)

    1. I have a tool specifically for this type of procedure...but it's packed. Haha. Furniture coming tomorrow. Doll stuff in a week or two.

  2. Beautiful doll. Beautiful pictures Terri!