Lorrence Makes It Work with Dynamite Girls

Lorrence, aka WuDollsClubKid, posted his reinterpreted versions of Mattel's set of Tim Gunn dolls on the W Club board. Lorrence used Dynamite Girls by Integrity Toys instead of the original Barbies. I love how well the clothes fit these bodies.

Photography by Lorrence.

If you look back a few posts you can see what the original dolls looked like. Which do you prefer? I like the Lorrence's Dynamite Girl version because they are articulated and make the best use of the cute outfits. It makes me want to purchase the Barbie dolls just for their clothing. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that but I always wind up selling both the Barbies and the clothes due to the quality issues.


  1. I have to get at least one of the Barbies because I'm such a huge fan of Tim Gunn. I just wish they'd make the Barbies articulated. I don't get why some are and some aren't. It seems totally random.

  2. Okay the Dynamite Girls really do work those clothes. More than the Barbies they were issued with? Almost ... almost ;-)