Summer 2012 W Club Exclusive Poppy Parker Doll

W Club members are being offered the opportunity to order this Poppy Parker doll.
She is called Lilac Frost and retails for $110.  Approximate shipping date is late fall - early winter 2012.
What do you think?


  1. She looks so pretty with this gold color hair. Her face make up is similar to the Upgrade doll Poppy Parker - Dream Teen?

  2. Ooooo, I like her, love that chic and stylish look!

  3. I adore her! She's even better than Pillow Talk which I bought and sold 2X. Just could never bond with her blanko stare and loads better than the newer ones with those darn droopy eyeballs!

  4. I like everything about her but the lip color.

  5. I am safe from most Poppy dolls these days *phewwww* but I cannot wait for the She's not There to get to me!!! This club doll is just a *blah* to me

  6. I like the "That Girl" vibe of Poppy Parker, but not her sad expression, and those huge pouty too coral lips! :( I do like the overall coloring of this doll and her ensemble, though the skirt length seems too matronly for Poppy, and doesn't match her youthful chapeau at all...pass for me, more for someone else. ;)

  7. Hi Terri, Pretty but not a "must have". the accessories look more interesting then the complete doll.
    How does the original Poppy face compare to the larger "Fashion Teen" face to you?
    To me some photos look close to the original and others don't look like the same character at all.
    Want a better idea before I shell out for her.
    As always love the blog.

    Will C.

    1. Simply, I disliked the giant Poppy the minute I saw her.