Packing: Hoarders Lite Episode 2

Well the packing has finally hit the Fashion Royalty dolls. I was holding out until the last minute with these girls because I love looking at them. I decided to pack most of them dressed. There are so many of them that it would be a daunting task to have to redress them when I unpack.
I am obsessively snapping a pic of the dolls in each box before I close it so I have a record of what's what. I did that with my Gene dolls but I did not do it with my 16" Tonners, Tiny Kittys, Silkies, Cissettes or Cissys. It just got too overwhelming. I haven't packed my Sybs yet. They will be last.
There are odd combinations of dolls around these days. I thought that even though this is not a "good" photo, it told a story.
Here is what some of my box pix look like:

 They all get wrapped in tissue paper and taped to the inside of the box in order to keep them from shifting.

 No, I have never redressed this Kyori. She's nearly the most perfect doll ever.

All the above dolls plus a box of Monster High, several plastic divider boxes, a box of 8 headless bodies and two bags of clothing fit into this "Lay down" wardrobe box from U Haul. This is only the beginning.
I plan to photograph the cartons of my packed dolls, if possible, before they go on the truck.


  1. BLESSINGS! Sorry I can't offer to help. What a job!

  2. Happy packing. At least dolls are more fun kitchen ware and photo albums. And you're making me feel better that I also have a box of bodies, and another box of heads. My husband just shakes his head.

    And even that boxing photo makes me SO tempted to buy Admiration. She could be my mini Violet to hang out with the 2 mini Genes.

    Beings chanting (again) "I am closing on a house in a month, no new dolls. I am closing on a house in a month, no new dolls."

    1. Thanks for the laugh. Keep chanting. BTW I can chant and spend at the same time.

  3. I love the way you packed the dolls, it must be funny to debox them!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these pics. I really liked how you turned their faces to the side. Excellent idea. I wish you all the best for your move. I hope that you and your husband and Rudy are very happy there.