How can you not know what dolls you have?

I take back everything I thought about other collectors who announced that they found a doll in their closet they didn't know they had.

In one of my smaller showcases I was using two Tiny Kitty boxes to create a higher level for a row of dolls standing in back of another row of dolls.  This showcase has been outfitted thus for at least a year and maybe more.

I have a lot of Tiny Kitty dolls and the ones I added to my collection in the past 9 months have remained boxed for the pending move. Imagine my surprise when I opened the two boxes and found brand new dolls inside. I have absolutely no recollection of buying them although from my records I see that I bought them at the end of March, 2011. I am surprised at myself that I would use boxes containing NRFB dolls to create a shelf. 

I am almost completely packed as far as the FR dolls go. Less than 10 dolls remain to be packed out of about 90 Fashion Royalty. Then it's the clothing and the accessories. I'm going to pack my Sybarites, too. I have to finish this and move on to the next packing area.

My house is a maze which winds itself through narrow paths of cartons. My living room furniture is all at one end of the room and I have a large folding table set up for operations. My right ring finger is swollen from the wasp sting two days ago. It's 104° outside. And we don't know exactly where we are going to live as we had to terminate the contract of sale on the new house due to serious inspection issues.  But I'm hanging on to a positive outlook. It will all work out for the best. And then I will have to unpack. Hahahahaha.

Does doll collecting cause insanity?


  1. I won't say that hasn't happened to me--it's almost like having a surprise birthday. ;) Congrats--they are adorable!

    All I can say is: My idea of hell is moving. Good luck!

  2. Doll collecting has not been scientifically proven not to cause insanity. (One of my son's high school science books informed us that nothing can be proven scientifically, only dis-proven.) :)

  3. At least you found dolls in the boxes, not heads, bodies or outfits you meant to sell ages ago!

    Don't give up total hope on the house with the inspection issues. We did the same thing 3 weeks ago, and the seller wanted to know what it would take to bring us back to the table. He is now fixing the 3 major issues out of his pocket, plus we negotiated for him to pay the majority of our closing costs so we can use our cash to fix two more issues to our specifications/tastes. So not only did we get the house we wanted, it's being fixed nicer than we saw it.