The Blonds' "Blond Diamond Barbie Doll"

From the promotional pictures she looks gorgeous. All Barbies look beautiful in the promos. Sigh.
The dress appears to be diamond encrusted and along with the hot pink lining of the white fur coat and the stunning blonde hair...vavavoom!

The background story from BC.Com:
About the Designers:

Phillipe and David Blond met in New York City and launched The Blonds in 2008. Together they have created collections that have taken the design world by storm.
Featuring over the top looks full of glamour and spectacle embellished with crystals, chains, sequins and spikes, their pieces have garnered rave reviews from editors, fashion writers, stylists and celebrities alike, including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Beyonce Knowles.  Quickly gaining global stature, The Blonds have been featured in Vogue, L’Officiel, Dazed & Confused, Prestige, GQ, Elle, Marie Claire , InStyle and V Magazine. Supermodels Gisele Bundchen, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, Chanel Iman and Iman have all been photographed in The Blonds custom couture.
In 2008 The Blonds were nominated for the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for Womenswear.   In 2009 The Blonds were the exclusive designers at the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria - one of the largest AIDS charities and runway shows in the world - hosted by President Bill Clinton, Katy Perry and Eva Longoria. The Blonds received the esteemed Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award for Womenswear in 2009. With the EDFF grant, The Blonds presented one of the most exciting shows at New York Fashion Week. Since then, they have continued to deliver captivating runway shows, season after season! 

In 2010 The Blonds collaborated with Mattel to design three one of a kind Barbie dolls.

Blond Diamond won't be out until August 2012. She is categorized as a Designer Series doll. No word on price or edition size.


  1. I WANT HER!!!! I hope the released version looks this great!

  2. If she costs $5,000 like it says on BC.com, I'll be passing on her. Just a tad out of my budget.

    1. Hi Tawna: Perhaps that relates to a special one that was made up for some kind of promotion. I don't know as I didn't read that.

  3. She's really beautiful...the mods on the BC.com bulletin board made a statement that she will be a regular line produced doll - not a platinum label or ooak. I'm hoping she will be 79.00 or LESS...not one of their typical GOLD label, poorly produced 100.00[or more] disappointments (just like 'Hope Diamond who looked like a beauty school experiment gone wrong and most recently; the Party Dress BFM which was one of the biggest disappointments for me in over 10 years of collecting Silkstones).

    My current skepticism (and past ordering habits w/o seeing IRL pix) has me waiting to see the collectors REAL shots and totally ignoring the promotional 'glamour' shots that Mattel continues to fool us with - but in retrospect, that's my own fault. Like the old saying ..."Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice - shame on ME!"

    1. Afternoon Suit cured me from pre-ordering Silkstones ever again. It saved me from ordering Party Dress - which I didn't really like to begin with. It looked skimpy. The Hope Diamond doll only appealed to me in that I wanted the jewelry and I still want that necklace for my other dolls.
      I am considering the Silkstone in the lemon yellow gown. The fashion looks gorgeous but the doll's hair looks like it will be a disaster of epic proportions.

  4. The doll looks exactly like the designer Phillipe Blond. I'm assuming that Mattel will be using the facemold created the 3 ooak The Blonds for Barbie doll set those were the ones priced at $5,000 each because their was only one made of each. I'm just hoping that it won't be a platinum label doll

  5. Hey Terri, did yo uever get this doll? I just did, and the dress is PLASTIC. I'm SO upset I can't even tell you. Think that's a blog piece waiting to be written...

    1. I did get the doll but I haven't opened the box. Whenever I take a Barbie out of the box, I wind up not liking it. I want to hang on to this one for a while. Sorry to hear you are disappointed.