Barbie 2012 Dolls of the World

Here they are. Colorful, stereotyped representations of countries. My favorite thing about them are the pets.
Chile and India are very pretty. 
They are $29.95 each.  Will you be adding any of these to your collection?

Hawaii, USA


  1. I'm tempted to buys the India doll because of her side glancing eyes Of course, the production doll may not have them.

  2. I like India as well because she looks like she has a little smirk. But I'll wait to see the true doll first...

  3. I like the idea of them very much...representing different countries. And yes, love they have pets.

    Just Happy & Positive!


  4. I would love to have India, if she looks like her prototype, however, $29.99 is steep for a doll that doesn't have much articulation. I'm going to have to use my BFC Rewards in order to justify this purchase in my head, lol.

  5. They've all looked very 'playline' to me [in person] so far...I dont think they're worth more than 19.99 with the antiquated, blah TNT bodies and the 'cliche' style fashions. They seem more geared to the verrrry young collectors (like 3-8 years old and even that's a stretch) lol...

    All in all - it's a cute series(even tho it's been done to death now ;)... But still doesn't peek my interest enough to purchase them at retail.

  6. I may have to get Holland, simply because I recently found out I have Dutch ancestors who were involved in the settling of Brooklyn (interestingly enough they lived not far from where I lived until I was five). Plus she has a bunny. Who doesn't love bunnies?

    The body has got to go, though.