Auden - Back to Brooklyn

Let me come right out and say this is a great doll! His outfit is well designed and executed. It fits perfectly. I ordered Auden mainly because his shoes were a knock-out. The rest of the fashion is really top notch.

With the tie not pushed up under the collar, the collar lays much nicer. Well done!

 Look at all the tiny buttons sewn on! The details are amazing.

 The hair - not so great. I wish I could style it differently and not ruin it. Male dolls need wigs for short styles or flocking or long pony tails.

How can a doll like this be manufactured so well and retail for only $65?  I'm asking because there are similar sized dolls coming from IT that don't have such fabulous outfits costing twice as much and more.

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  1. Great photos! I am hoping to score this Auden at some point. Love the entire outfit.