Amazing Wigs by Anthony of Hawaii

Earlier this evening Anthony Hawaii posted dolls wearing his latest collection of wigs. He stated that they are the colors of spring inspired from the Splendors of Mother Earth "OOAK Bouquets of Eden Wig Collection."
The wigs are completely made from saran. Yes, even the parts that represent florals are saran. Unbelievable. Now I've seen some big wigs with pieces of colored saran sticking out here and there but no one does it as gracefully or artistically as Anthony.

Click on this link to see the original Prego post and to get more information on purchasing a wig.
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  1. amazing ! fresh and...wow

  2. damn, those wigs are crazy amazing!

  3. Wow, these wigs are just stunning! And completely saran!?

  4. those are truly some AMAZING work.....