La Novia: New Ficon Doll

Today the sales opened for the LE30 resin BJD La Novia from Ficon Doll.  Novia translates to 'bride' or 'girlfriend.'

She is $720. and can be seen at this link http://www.ficondoll.com/

While we are on the topic of Ficon dolls, I was fooling around with Leonie and accidentally put her wig on backwards. I like it better this way. She is wearing a Ficon bustier dress which I ordered from The Doll Peddlar. The link will take you to their Ficon boutique where you can find items no longer available at Ficon and their own exclusives.


  1. ...and I clicked The Doll Peddlar (oh why?!!), and this dress, doll and wig are to die for:


  2. She is a true vision of loveliness! Congratulations!

  3. Am I the only one struck funny by the bride on the floor?!? Bride-Fall-Down-Go-Boom? Or just one real doozy of a reception?