W Club Mini Androgyny - Aphrodisiac Giftset

A nice sized box arrived the other day. It looked exactly like an Avantguard doll box. Opening it and peering inside at the two dolls was a really satisfying feeling. You know how it is when your expectations of a doll are met. It just makes you feel happy.
It is amazing that these two, who sport the Monogram sculpt, looked just like their bigger sisters. Actually, this mini Androgyny is prettier than the larger version. The outfits are almost exactly the same as well. I had heard that there was an issue with Andro being stained but mine did not have a mark on her. The pant suit is very, very tight and the fabric looked a little shaggy. The wigs, which are not shown, fit very well.  Each wig came packaged in its own teeny hatbox. The stands have the AG symbol on them - again exactly the same as the maxi AGs.

The new packaging sports little green rectangles here and there which are the moisture protectors being used now instead of the silica packets. Although there are a few packets amongst the accessories.

I decided that I didn't need to duplicate the outfits in miniature so I have redressed these dolls.
Androgyny is wearing a Kio wig, the outfit from Incandescent Monogram and carrying a Purse of the Month pink leather bag. Her diamond pin is from a Gene Marshall fashion. I have removed the hooks from the jacket as I like it better open and the hooks didn't look good.

I thought Aphrodisiac's exaggerated makeup would work with the outfit from Mina, Bride of Dracula. She is wearing a wig made for Puki Puki dolls. The pin on her lapel is from Facets. It attaches by means of a small magnetic disc.

I love these two dolls redressed. Because they are wigged gals, there are so many play possibilities. The giftset earns a 9 out of 10.  It's a winner.


  1. Thanks for the clear pictures of these two.
    I think the Aphro is also prettier then her big sister. The eye shadow is less extreme and she seems much more versatile.
    I wish they would come out with a similar sculpt for the big girls...this one has such great features.

  2. I'm having so much fun with mine. I swapped bodies to monogram bodies, since I had done that with Live Wire. (Disclosure, Best Drama, Brilliance)

    These two met my expectations in every way. I love them. They stole the limelight from Agnes in my collection. (for the moment at least)

    I have plenty of wigs. But now I need to scour for more.

  3. Ooooo, love your photos of the mini-avantguards. I just bought the large Aphrodisiac, she can arrive here any day now, and I am thinking about buying the little Androgyny, I think she will look perfect in those stylish Silkstone outfits, like 'Blush becomes her'. Love how you styled both of them, perfection!

  4. So glad to hear all of your comments as I bought these dolls boxed on ebay and am waiting for them to arrive. I have been dissapointed lately by a few doll purchases and there is always that question in your mind when you spend so many dollars on a doll..bonus too, you get two! I though they would be great fun to re-dress and also to change their wigs. Thanks too Terri for the detailed info, I am even more excited now! Kind regards, Corrinne