"I was sick of the ziplock bags in plastic bins."

 Meg in Oregon (aka Stray Cat), along with her husband, has found the ultimate solution to doll organization. They've taken an extra closet in their home and outfitted it with scale appropriate hanging racks and organizers.

I don't have that many outfits and you can be sure my closets aren't anywhere near as organized!

She said, "I was sick of the ziplock bags in plastic bins. Never could find anything and it didn't encourage play. it just made it a big hassle. This makes it so easy to look and pick your dolly and the outfit."

 Meg described her set-up: "Here's how I keep all my Gene and friends and outfits. As you can see they are outgrowning the closet...I have added a rolling circular rack (found at a thrift store) for some additional outfits. Last pic is the shelf I just bought to display some dolls. 15 years of collecting and I just now have some on display. Go figure?! I made this closet out of stuff I had around the house....thus the odd different materials used for the shelves. But it works for me! The document bags used for garment bags are available at office supply stores. The are called "document bags" and come in a lot of sizes."

Meg replied to another collector, "It makes me happy to keep it organized."  It would make me happy, too!

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

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  1. INGENIOUS!!!! tahnsk for sharing their creativity and resourcefulness, terri.... am loving it all.....