First 2010 W Club Exclusive Doll Announced

Members of the W Club received the announcement and photos of the first W Club Exclusive doll on July 29. My first reaction was to the photography. I thought, "This is how I would photograph a doll I wanted to sell."
They are absolutely beautiful shots which showed the doll clearly and in several poses. I was truly impressed.

The doll is called "Lady in Waiting" and it uses the Dania Zarr sculpt on a Nu.Face body. According to the marketing email, "Dania has been working out and now is able to wear this tight fitted number over her smaller bust." Perhaps Dania has become bulimic as well? Time will tell.  Real life models get skinnier and skinnier and IT's dolls shrink down in size, too.

I'm not a big fan of the Dania sculpt but I love her dress and jewelry. She does look classic and beautiful and that's what most collectors have been wanting. I have sent in a query about the hem of the dress to find out if it's wired for shaping purposes. If it isn't, and it needs it, that would be a simple project.

The doll is available only to W Club members for $110. and must be ordered no later than August 13, 2010.


  1. My eyes rolled when I saw it was another Dania Zarr. Clearly, I'm in the minority in not liking her.

    Overkill. Too much Dania Zarr too soon, and I'm sure she's not done showing up this year yet... ungh.

    At this point, Dania Zarr is an instant disqualification for my collection.

  2. The information about the skirt is that it is not wired but it is scalloped. Where are the scallops?