Picture of the Week Award ~ May 9, 2010 ~ Laura Bigger

My featured photograph this week was made by my dear friend Laura Bigger, also known as Laura/LA. Using her Nikon D90 on a tripod in natural ligh, she presents us with an image straight out of a fashion magazine. Everything works together in this photo: the directional lighting, the composition, the limited color palette. The doll is in a very natural pose supported by the angled prop while she is shielding her eyes from the sun. I love it. The doll is Fashion Royalty Dania Zarr "Exclusive Interview." Her hair was restyled by Uriah and the dress is by HJ Couture 2010. Laura's byline on DollyDaily.com is "Professional Enabler." She has certainly earned that title with me. As a result of seeing this fashion and finding out who made it, I purchased one of his creations. (Huckleberry Jackson aka HJ Couture)

I asked Laura if she had any suggestions to offer doll photography beginners and this is what she said:
"Spend lots of time looking at the doll pictures on Flickr, the doll boards and in magazines. After looking at hundreds of doll photos you will start to have a sense of what is possible, what you like and what has already been done. Pros like Terri [Thank you, Darlin'] will show you what a perfectly lit shot should look like as well as how to use a few props or many props to create an interesting composition. My second bit of advice would be to go ahead and experiment. Now that digital cameras have made each picture more or less "free" try every angle you can think of. Experiment, have fun and play with those dolls!"

See more of Laura's photography and collection at: http://www.flickr.com/people/laurala2008/

Congratulations on the Picture of the Week Award.


  1. I absolulty LOVE this picture...it makes me want the Doll adn outfit!!!

  2. Thanks for featuring me Terri!!! I'm really flattered as you know I am a huge fan of your pictures. You have made me buy dolls I swore I hated **Antoinette,cough,cough** so that now I am almost afraid to see your next picture, LOL.

  3. @Laura: You are definitely the more enabling enabler. I deny everything.

  4. Congrats Laura!

    It's a wonderful image that you made.

    In an odd case of "it's a small world", I have the traded Dania on my desk wearing a wonderful white gown from Terri and I think I'm not going to reroot her, but instead style her hair like TR, but with the nape in curls.....

    it's a small world after all...