Not Doll Related - although you can save money to spend on dolls later!

My son originally turned me on to this site and whenever I plan to purchase something on line, I check with Ebates first. This is a legitimate site. They send you a check with your rebate.
Email me if you want more information. Better yet, go there by clicking on this link and see for yourself.
It's free to sign up.
Stores like Macys, Sephora, Staples, Barnes & Noble and hundreds more participate in this program. They send out an email every week with the savings rates and specials of the week.
Please check it out.



  1. Hooray! Thrifty gals unite! I do ebates too, and also Bing. (Pretty much the same thing) Of course, I use the cash back as an excuse to shop more, but it all works out, right? ;)

  2. Cash back is a great excuse to shop more. Of course it's not exactly thrifty. :-)

  3. I have been an Ebates member since 2008. Love it... the kicker is, you have to remember to link to the merchants' sites through ebates before making a purchase in order to receive your cash back. Now that I have this engraved in my memory, I always go to Ebates to see if a merchant is affiliated with them before making a purchase. Ebay is an affiliate!