IDEX - Tonner Breakfast - Sunday, February, 2010

I love Robert Tonner's sense of humor. He was presenting the new lines and when he got to the Sinister Circus line he said, "I don't know what you people are doing with these. I don't know what you're smoking." I agreed with him. These dolls are truly freaky...well, they are freaks. As a special treat, we were gifted with the first copy of the Sinister Circus comic book!

The Bearded Lady

I think they are brilliant and bravo to a company that is not afraid to take risks. No, they will not find their way into my collection but I enjoy looking at them.
This doll is really scary-looking. She is called "Painted Lady."

This is two views of the same doll called "Shehee."

The table centerpiece was the beautiful Evocative Antoinette in red velvet. Marcia Friend was lucky enough to win her.

At each place setting was a set of two pair of Antoinette shoes. The room was packed full! Raffle tickets were sold and the line-up of possible winning items was excellent. I almost fell off my chair when my number was called for a doll I had wanted since I saw her, Antoinette Extravagant! How lucky I felt. I can't wait to get back home to play with my new dolls. (I'm still in Florida.)
The food was excellent and beautifully served. Nothing was skimped on. Our souvenir doll was the new blonde Cami from the Cami & Jon line. I'm in love with these dolls. From their curly hair to their Antoinette bodies, they suit me just fine. We were permitted to purchase an extra souvenir by lottery. My extra is already promised to an Australian collector.
Another highlight of this breakfast event was that I sat next to Denise Van Patten, the woman who writes about dolls for About.com. I had seen her name over the years but when I saw it on her ID tag, I couldn't place it. We introduced ourselves to each other and the lightbulbs went off. We hit it off famously. I came away from that event with beautiful dolls and a new friend! What could be better?

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  1. Congrats on winning! SHe's lovely...as are you.