IDEX - Day 1 - Friday, January 29, 2010

The 6 AM wake up call I had requested came in on the stroke of the hour. I had to be ready for my 8 AM face-up class with Michele Hardy and Berdine Creedy.
I managed to arrive at that ungodly hour to a well organized display of materials to which we were summarily introduced. Michele explained step by step to us what to do and then let us loose. It was lots of fun and the results were satisfying for this first timer. Included in the supplies was a resin Creedy head from a 10" doll. Purchasing the body, outfit and wig were optional but I think everyone did. I was proud of my creation. We put the eyelashes on and inserted the eyes as well! I learned much due to the simple techniques that were presented.
I plan to do her face over as I made her too old-looking but it was my first time. Michele made the outfit. I would definitely take another class with Michele as she is a good teacher and I have much to learn.

I was convinced to attend the Berdine Creedy Tea later that afternoon at 3PM. Berdine presented a lovely slide show whose theme was hair. Odd? Not really. It was about the decision she made that even though she always had thin hair, she wouldn't let any physical issue deter her from her goals or from being happy. It was an excellent message.
I didn't particularly care for the little plate of strange-tasting chocolate-laden pastries or the single cup of tea we were given and I would not attend this event again were it offered at an IDEX in the future.
Our souvenir doll was an 8" resin Daisy. She is seen below with my other doll. She came with an outfit and a wig but not the outfit she is wearing in the picture. I don't know if I'm going to keep this doll as she is not the type of doll I collect.
In between the face-up class and the Creedy tea, I had several hours to browse the showroom. I came away from that first round with approximately 140 pictures and my head was practically exploding. Who knew? I had just seen hundreds of fake babies that looked real. In fact, throughout the 3 days, many attendees wandered the halls carrying babies in blankets or carriers. These reborn infants were so real-looking that you could swear they were breathing. Scary.

End of Part I.

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