What Were They Thinking? Part II

I let this image sink in for two days before I wrote this post. When I first received the email containing the pictures of this new Avant Guard doll, Hot Trot, I thought of the Inferno Vita doll with her fire orange streaked hair and black eyes. The more I looked at this doll, the worse she gets. I've said it before, these dolls have ugly knees. The shape of this gown accentuates her knees. It's just awful. I might like it better if the hem were the length of the front of the gown and even all around. It's an awkward, unbalanced design and it's not pretty. What happened to pretty? What's going on with the ties on the shoes? What is hidden behind the front leg?The other 2010 Avant Guard doll is called On Edge. She has the Goldmine sculpt which I like better than the closed mouth. I like the short black wig and I think she is very pretty. The feather cape is ... well I can't find the words. The bust of the dress looks like it doesn't fit properly but that could be the photo. The shoes are the same ones that came in the accessory set from last month! So it's just another AG with bright blue eyeshadow and red lips. I like the gloves if that makes a difference.
These dolls could have been called Feathers, Over and Under. Whatever. I will probably put my money somewhere else.
Both: Retail Price $220. Edition size 400.


  1. Interesting.

    "Hot Trot" looks like she is attending a Hallowe'en Party in Bedrock.
    The orange flames coming from under her dress makes her looks like she has gas... flames flames.. LOL.

    "On Edge" reminds me a lot of a poorer man's "Swallow" Sybarite. I like the feathers. The open mouth: not so much.
    They are both interesting. They would be more interesting for less money.

    Thanks again for reporting Terri. Your Bog is solid Gold. :)

  2. Hot Trot looks like she needs some serious hair removal!

  3. Although I'm not normally an Avant Guard fan, I actually surprised myself by loving Hot Trot!

    I'm a big fan of Halloween so the doll suits me perfectly. I like the orange flame like underskirt and the black overdress, love the wig too. The only overkill is the eyeshadow.

    If I collected AGs I'd be all over this doll.
    This is one I would love as a mini clone!

    Connie in PA

  4. I need to slow down and READ more of your blog (I am usually in such a rush to get to the next picture).
    This post had me laughing ... especially the bit about poor Hot to Trot's ugly knees.

    What was I thinking? Your photos are top notch; the copy is bound to be too.

  5. The thing I love about the AG dolls is the extreme & dramatic make-up.I would like to see more different eye color variation like blue and green or gray(more light eyes colors).Most of the dolls they have released have dark or brown eyes.