New Cissy: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid.

Here is one of the new Cissy dolls from the 2010 Madame Alexander line. What is up with the terrifying-looking dolls this year? Is it a reaction to the economy and the weather or what? The gown is gorgeous. The stockings and shoes are to-die-for. But the face and the hair. OMG. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.
The names of three of them are laden with emotional overtones. Lust is one and sorry I don't remember the others but I will fill in the blanks later today.
From what I've been reading on the internet, the reaction to these dolls is very bad. It's another "What Were They Thinking?" event.


  1. Poor Classic Cissy. More articulation us is one thing, but...the poor doll probably didn't even see these looks coming! I hope she has a good therapist.

  2. That looks like her face was vandalized by thugs with spray paint! Horrible. I think the Vampire/Goth fever has gotten out of hand.

  3. Cissy looks wretchedly wicked! I think the dark, sinister-looking dolls we are seeing stems from the recent fascination by some with vampires and humanoid creatures. I personally am not feeling any of it.

  4. Somebody didn't have enough money to buy the good drugs adn started smoking Grass???

  5. Wow I am all for horror and stuff, but this one looks like a Carnival gone wrong.

  6. Thanks Terri for these great IDEX pics and honest words. I....uhhh...hope this new look achieves whatever it is MA is seeking...

    But as a 10-year collector of Cissy, I feel very sad for the poor 2010 dear. Our GORGEOUS, inventive, yet ALWAYS classy (and yes, sexy) girl got a fab new movin' body and I guess decided looking like a MILF (pardon the vulgarity) on heroin was the way to celebrate.

    I maaay (if the body size has remained the same) pick up one of the new girls just for the outfit (hope the MA quality is still there) and for a body transplant onto one of my older girls. But the head will be submitted for exorcism.

    I remember each and every day I received one of my Cissy-s. I would open that big box, gently tug on the whispering ribbon, and practically cry-each one was so gorgeous. Today, I cry in shame.

  7. Catherine: Thank you for your beautiful post. I am sad for all the Cissy collectors out there who are so disappointed. But from what I'm reading, many are going to concentrate on filling in their collection with past dolls they don't have.

  8. I agree that she looks a little scary. I must also confess that I have never really been 'into' Cissy, but there might be more fortunate make-up schemes than this one for her.
    I am just asking myself what Fashion Royalty might come up with in their new collection?

  9. Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not good...Cissy...oh dear Cissy..I have several of the beautiful Cissys starting in 1996. Whenever I see one of these earlier beauties, my heart skips a beat and I remember the sheer joy of getting the huge blue & pink floral MA box with the tissue paper inside. Therein lie Cissy, the Ultimate Bombshell.
    Thanks, Terri!
    Aquabluerose XX

  10. I really, really dislike the direction Jason Wu is taking Cissy in. I can understand being daring and edgy but this isn't that. There's way too many goth/vamp/zombie dolls lately for my tastes.