If Barbie Dolls Were Articulated...

...would Mattel charge $150 for a doll like December Turquoise?

One year ago, Mattel introduced their Princess and the Frog doll.
Here are images from the Disney cartoon.
Integrity's interpretation of Tiana is very nice. She is a pretty doll. This version and another are going to be sold through Ashton-Drake Galleries only. The price is $149.99 and an edition size is not listed.


  1. The price is so painful... but I really want the Tiana AD dolls... *sigh*

    The dresses are so much more better than the Mattel playline ones...

  2. The doll is adorable, but I could buy a Mattel and body swap.

  3. the actual pictures in flickr seem not so adorable compared with the official photos... Am I right?