W Club Exclusive Fashion Royalty Fashion Announced

To the delight of many collectors in the W Club, we have been offered a new fashion for the Fashion Royalty body. It's called Wrapped in Decadence. Apparently they had to call it something. I don't see decadence anywhere. I want this outfit in off white, too.

The outfit consists of a strapless dress, coat, jewelry and shoes. I love it. The dress is taffeta with a beaded bodice and an organza overlay on the skirt. The high waist and gathered bodice front are very attractive. The coat is covered in ribbon rosettes. It is to die for. The feathers on the shoes have to go bye-bye. But maybe that will look better in person. The jewelry is big and heavy which is a trend with Jason this season. I like it but perhaps not with this fashion.

The marketing ploy used in the announcement of the fashion irks me. It says that "the fashion retails for $80." Where is the fashion retailing? Nowhere. It's us. That's it.

Snowman For Sale

They're giving us a "special $15 fashion coupon" bringing the price down to $65. They should have said, "We'd really like to charge you $85. but we don't think you will buy it at that price so we're lowering the price to $65."
That would have been funny.

It's a good price. Look at what Dressmaker Details charges for their stuff and compare. This is a bargain! It's right in line with the quality and quantity of product given to attendees at the recent convention. More bang for the buck. I hope it keeps up this way.

What's up with the awkward looking poses on this doll? Are the shoes weird again with the heels too high? In each picture one of the doll's knees is bent. This is not a good sign. And the center photo with arms akimbo and toes pointed in....hmmmm....not great looking IMO. I wonder how the coat will look without it being either held open or held shut. I do think we're in for some surprises!


  1. I wondered the same thing about the discount and the "retail" price, since it's W Club only.

    Looks like the only people who'll be charged $80 are Club members who scarf up extra sets from other members. Which is still odd, since Integrity clearly likes the aftermarket eBay markup of their limited editions just fine.

    It looks nice, but I'm with you on the feathers. Hope they didn't glue them on too well.

    I've been noticing some of the FR shoes have an extra piece glued onto the front of the sole, to even up the height with the back. Can't they just fix the mold for the heel?

  2. Jendini:
    You bring up an interesting point. Will club members who purchase the sets of other club members have to pay the full price?

  3. Yes, I re-read the email. Members get one per membership at $65. But extras (like taking over another member's order) would cost $80.

    I don't know why anyone would need multiples, maybe a little chorus line in lumpy black coats and blue shoes? LOL.

    I'm content to have just the one! The whole price/discount thing just seems dumb to me. If they can afford to price almost all of them at $65, why not just make that the price.

  4. It's a marketing gimmick.