Mattel's "Ladies of the 80's" Dolls and Philipp Plein Barbie

Maddie's Dolls has just posted the Ladies of the '80's collection of dolls from Mattel. Prices have not yet been determined.
If these dolls were articulated, or pivotal as Mattel calls them, I might actually be interested. Their facial screening is interesting.

Cyndi Lauper Barbie Doll

The fashions are adorable. This is Cyndi Lauper:

Here is the Joan Jett doll. She's a may be a bit too much like a Hard Rock Cafe´ doll.

My favorite is the Debbie Harry doll.
I like her hair and outfit. I don't know if the microphone is included with this doll.

When will Mattel get with the program and provide pivotal bodies on all the new silver, gold and black series dolls that are to come? Too many are still buying dolls and keeping them in boxes. Why would you need an articulated doll if you aren't going to play with it? If more Barbie collectors allowed themselves the pleasure of deboxing, the hue and cry for articulation would be heard.


At the Philipp Plein Rocks Barbie party during Milan Fashion Week (2/2009), a model dressed as Rocks Barbie is photographed:

A model dressed as Rocks Barbie attends the Philipp Plein Rocks Barbie party during Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2009 on February 27, 2009 in Milan, Italy.
Image property of Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Europe


An exclusive Philipp Plein Barbie will be available as a 500 piece limited edition.

See more beautiful images taken during a Barbie photo shoot at the Philipp Plein website.

Did I hear $385. or is that a joke?


  1. Yes. YEEEESSS!!! for articulation and deboxing!

    So $385 for the same old unarticulated doll in a new dress? No thanks Mattel.

  2. It's silly for Mattel to do named characters, since their head sculpt is so overpowering that it will scream "BARBIEEEEEEE" through any paint job, hair style or costume.

    They will never compete in the high end market as long as all of their dolls look like pre-schoolers who got into Mommy's Prozac.

  3. Philippe Plein is a german guy who manages to sell immensely useless "design" stuff (baroque styled jeans, crystal studded pillows and side tables etc) in huge prices. I wonder who is buying his stuff (I know him from my moonlightig as a furniture seller in a very expensive shop for almost a year. my boss drooled over his stuff. Never knew why).

  4. I might be tempted to buy one of those Rocker dolls if they were on the pivotal body. I have found that owning a picture of a doll that I am not going to debox is as satisfying as owning that doll-in-a-box anyway.

  5. Anonymous:
    That's pretty funny. It's the reason I keep a folder on my computer and call it my "virtual collection." In it I put pictures of dolls I won't buy but really like.

  6. I have a virtual collection box in my computer too terri. But I do try to get what I really love and afford just the same. I'm to eventually get a Dynamite girl as soon as I narrow it down to which I should get first and of course figure out the full price including shipping which varies place to place and waiting on a decent sale so I could perhaps get two instead of one, depending on how much I can save up. Times are very tough and too tight to collect much of anything for me now. I want that Joan Jett and cyndi doll most but they will have to wait a bit longer after my Intergrity doll desires are met.

  7. @meghan:
    I think the Dynamite Girls are much more fun because they are articulated. A few months after they are out, some of them always go down in price. I have seen the first wave at very cheap prices but the newer ones are so much cuter and have nicer clothes.