Picture of the Week Award ~ October 25, 2009

This doll looks as if he's breathing! I knew immediately that I would have to feature this image on the blog.
The artist is Jennifer Sutherland. I asked her to write a little about her process. Here is her reply:

He originally was a Super Hero Aquaman doll by Tonner. For him I knew I wanted him as a pirate.. The super hero bodies are great for this as I have come to find out! (: I do not sketch the faces on my dolls first but I do sketch the tattoos if they are complicated. For his hair and his tattoos it took be about 12 hours.. For his repaint, about 5 hours.... That's not including any of the details that finish him off such as his rings or shading of his chest afterwards. (: I think my very favorite characters to create are pirates, gypsies, rogues.. etc....You know, characters that are perfect for romance novels! (: They have always been my most enjoyable creations.. Especially pirates and rogues.. They come to life so easily through the decorations and tattoos.. And even things as simple as their facial hair! (: Overall.. My most favorite creations are the male repaints!

You will enjoy browsing through Jenny's website. Click here.

Congratulations, Jenny, on the Picture of the Week Award!

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