Deva Dolls' PHARATEE Sold Out

The race was on at 1:00 AM on the morning of October 1 (New York time). It was 12 Noon Thailand time at Deva Dolls when their new doll Pharatee went on sale.
For the past week one could read the desirous posts of collectors - some going so far as to say they would die if they didn't get one.

I'm not saying I haven't been ready at the starting gate when a doll went up for sale....but not this time. Desire is infectious as is greed. I'm ashamed to say that I have purchased dolls that I didn't even care about because there was an outpouring of desire prior to the doll going on sale and I became sick with NEED. I have purchased dolls that were getting sold out rapidly just so I could get one.
I was actually prepared with electronic reminders and links and all that to get this doll. It would have been for the sport of it all. I don't even like her. Sanity prevailed and I just went to bed without watching the hunt.

There's some moaning and some rejoicing going on over at Prego this morning about disappearing web pages and shopping carts. The Deva Dolls site is very slow and quirky. It's no surprise that the ordering did not proceed smoothly. After all, there must have been many just watching.

But.....one voice of reason stood out and I am copying her post here. This is from Penny in OZ, the creator of "Avery, with an A."

Pharatees - enabled, enobled or just plain missed out - a bit of practical commonsense...

Posted by PennyandAveryA [User Info] on 10/1/2009, 10:16 am
Can I just feed you a little logic and a little bit of consolation. I see that Deva dolls have issued a new doll I haven't heard of until this minute. Obviously because I missed the hype I'm not overly fussed about not getting her. And I am not innocent of being enabled over certain dolls I just had to have.

Think with your heads and not your hearts for a minute. So you wanted the doll. Of course you did. And you are sick with disappointment because you missed out on her. BUT think for a minute. How much did you want Rosemary, or $no Baby. How much did you crave some other doll that is not readily on the market. That FR doll, or - those readily coming onto the market now that the desire is moving onto another doll.

It's a doll and there will be others coming. These days every other day a new doll is on the market. As others move on to newly enabled dolls they will sell you their unwanted dolls and you will, with patience and with the continued ambition end up with the doll you always wanted. And if not, think that it was meant to be.

The other day in London, I woke up in an ambulance with people asking me who I am. I could barely even remember at first and eventually they managed to call my son and he came in a rush to the hospital, where apparently I had another attack. They worked out I am suffering from malnutrition caused by the stress of a broken 36 year old marriage and, as a result I lost my flight which haad been bought on frequent fliers and currently stranded in London while the insurance works things out. I'm okay, and I can tell you, perspective takes place in the back of an ambulance while people thump you and try to shake your memory loss.

I stayed in Guys and St. Thomas Hospital in a room directly looking onto the Thames and Parliament House, Big Ben and the bridge directly next to it. British democracy will never be the same for me and the British Parliament will always remind me to keep my perspective in presence of it's importance.

I know you are not seeing logic, but remember when everyone wanted Grey? Remember how much those first AG's were hunted down. Remember how much everyone wanted that first Sydney? Remember how much Weekend in Washington outfit was?

We are all quite wanten children, no better than a two year old stretched out on the floor next to the supermarket checkout because we want to buy the chocolate our mothers won't get us. Right now there are people who have lost everything to a tsuname in the Pacific, and people lost and trapped and missing...


I know you probably will think that this is holier than thou at this moment of your disappointment but your turn will come. In the meantime share your own thouhts and disappointments under this post and maybe it will make you feel a little better just to have a small beef and move onwards to new horizons, or look at the collection you have and those dolls you love and wanted so much in the past and DID get either on time or belatedly.

I missed out on Rosemary at the time under the same circumstances as you guys from a nasty uploading basket, and I don't really care anymore. My fate was waiting for the acquisition of Summertime Logan from Happily Ever After, a Bishonen HOuse doll large and lovable, and an out of the blue acquisition of his brother - Nori which I have found out was a very rare doll from a person who is lovely and gave me such accidental pleasure. Six months ago I hadn't anticipated either of them and never a sorry day have I had since I had them.

I am sorry and sympathetic you didn't get your desire, but your turn will come. Or your desire will fade as others sell on to gain newer dolls...

logic and commonsense dear fellow Pregoers.

Group hug to you all.


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