Fashion Fuel - A W Club Exclusive AvantGuard Fashion

On 9/14/09 members of the W Club received an announcement of an exclusive Avantguard fashion that is going to be available only to members. It is called Fashion Fuel and the edition size will be according to the number of orders placed.
It comes with a wig, jacket, belt, slip dress, shoes, gloves, fishnet stockings and stud earrings and is priced at $110.
My first impression:
—I like the shoes.
—The mini dress is probably cute but you can be sure that the stand will not fit between the doll's legs in that outfit.
—I'm not a fan of belted jackets but if the jacket were all black, the look might have been less jarring.
—There is too much going on with the jacket: peplum detail, gathered pocket flaps, lace-covered, draped second lapel all squished up with a belt! Perhaps I've been watching too much Project Runway. I don't see this as taking a design risk; I see it as trying to put everything into one piece.
—The wig might be "Old Hollywood" glamorous if it were combed properly.
—The last time an outfit contained faux leather gloves they looked like black potholders. Look at the thumbs and the length of the hands in the picture. The gloves do not fit properly. At least one can be thankful that the doll's hands have not been dipped into black paint.
—The Avantguards, like the Sybarites, do not have attractive joints and the fishnet stockings don't do anything to improve the appearance of the vinyl beneath.

That being said, I'm going to get it anyway.


  1. Kind of a cute outfit.. Just seems waaaaaaaaay too late in dressing the dolls we already bought last year. The fashion show is way too late for these models.

    Regarding the oven mitts: I was wondering in this picture, she has her ugly monkey hands on, and maybe that is why the gloves look odd?

    The outfit is nice. Not a $110.00 nice, but nice.
    Thanks for posting this, Terri.

  2. Ugly monkey hands? LOLOL
    It's difficult to see in this picture but in a high res shot one can see that the thumbs of the gloves are too long as are the mitten parts.

  3. I love the shoes so much!!! I wish I knew a W club member who could buy this outfit for me (just for the shoes) ;-(
    At the end I always have to rely on e(vil)Bay!!!

  4. Perhaps I will buy an extra one with my 2nd club membership.

  5. I do not collect the tall girls... but i love how versatile the Avant gards are... This fashion is really nice.. and that shoes.. are so sexy for this dolls.. If the wig isn´t a glued brick block.. it will be so nice...