Picture of the Week Award ~ September 20, 2009

This striking photograph caught my eye several weeks ago. I like the composition, the use of white with one accent color and, of course, the dolls are gorgeous. I asked Gerri Strawinski (aka Gerri in PA) to tell me and my readers something about it. Following is what Gerri wrote:

I love this photo because it consists of 3 very popular dolls: Antoinette, Sabbatha Sybarite, and Daphne, repainted by Vanessa of Star Studio all dressed in white with white/platinum hair and my favorite ruby red lips.  It was a Theme Photo for Prego in which the subject was '3'.  Prego members chose 3 of anything they wanted.  My pick was to show all white because it was summer and the emphasis was on cool and light.
Regarding the lighting and background:  [I] used a white panel background atop a white snack table.  [Photo was taken] in natural light and [I] used a side accent light with a 27 Watt Compact Fluorescent Photo Lamp (5500 K, Daylight) 92 + Color.... with just the ideal afternoon sun coming in and the side light, it happened to come together and provide a nice shadow effect behind the dolls as well. 

Gerri is a very active member of Prego and feels that the best part of doll collecting is the community of collectors that she's met on-line and at events. 

Gerri has two blogs. One deals with all fashion dolls and is called MY PASSION IS DOLLS.
The other is about the Sybarite Dolls. The title is INFIDEL.

Thanks, Gerri, and congratulations on the Picture of the Week Award!



  1. Gorgeous photo!

  2. Wow.. So peacefull photo!!! I almost feel in heaven.. The stand up doll is really gorgeous..