Robert Tonner's Cameo Antoinette Arrived

Today I received my first Antoinette, Cameo. She is the new line of 16" dolls from the Tonner Doll Company. Cameo is one of the four basic dolls dressed only in lingerie but accessorized with fabulous shoes. With a quick pull of two ribbons, she was freed from her box. She feels good and looks even better. In my opinion her proportions are perfect. Her hands are graceful. In fact they're downright beautiful doll hands!
Antoinette's ethnic-looking sculpt may not be for everyone but I'm predicting that this doll will be on the top of every re-painters list. They are being sold as blank faced mannequins as well as these basics and deluxe dressed dolls. There's also a large selection of separate fashions and shoe packs.
I've got her sitting on a little shelf over my computer and her knees don't splay out. She sits up straight without trouble or support. I'm thrilled with her. In fact I went and ordered two of the dressed dolls this morning!


  1. Oh Terri these are beautiful pictures! Best I've seen ;)
    Love you review!

    Just a question; How do you think she compares to AG, and can they be combined? And if it's not to much trouble a pic of them together?

  2. Your photos are great! I don't really like the doll but I can understand why people love her.

  3. To Royalty Girl....I will try to do that one day soon! Thanks for your comments.