More Pictures of Cameo Antoinette

Can you tell that I'm enjoying this doll?

This is a fashion from a Tonner Sydney doll. It is way too large for Antoinette so I have it pinned tightly. It works for me. I have taken the band out of her hair and I like it much better this way.

In this photo, Cameo is wearing an Avantguard dress. It fits except at the hips where I could not close the snaps.
I am pleasantly surprised with this doll's ability to fit into my existing doll wardrobe to a good degree. The shoes came with her.


  1. i love seeing your pics of her. i pre-ordered bloom antionette and i can't wait to get her! i want to compare her body to ellowyne's too. ~i.b.

  2. she looks so much better with the band removed from her hair. I can't wait to play with mine!