Homage to Veronique Perrin - Part III of Many

The 2003 Fall/Winter Mauve Absolue Collection consisted of four Close-Up Veroniques, five dressed Veroniques and two dressed Adeles.

Veronique Perrin "Paradise," a close-up doll, and "Chic Escape" a dressed doll, both arrived wearing bathing suits accompanied by handbags. Chic Escape also had a hat. Paradise was an MFD exclusive with an edition of 750 and a retail price of $35. Chic Escape's edition was 1000 dolls with a retail price of $26. Both dolls are still highly prized although this year their prices have dropped below $200.

Chic Escape's hair, although I received her NRFB, was quite unruly and took away from her beauty.

I had her hair rerooted with a blend of light to platinum blondes and I love it.
Fashion Plate Brunettte, LE 800, Retail Price $75
I recently added her to my collection. She is a pretty doll but her hair is not a "user-friendly" style. She's got the two pieces of hair coming down on both sides of her face and it doesn't really work.

Mauve Absolue, LE 750, Retail $99.
This doll was my first spectacular Fashion Royalty doll when I started collecting. I couldn't believe the jewelry and the gown. There was so much work and detail in this little doll that I spent many a dolly minute just staring at her. She remained in her original fashion for at least 2 years! When I finally decided to move my dolls to tall bodies, she got right back into the same outfit!

Flame Rouge, R&D Exclusive, LE 500, Retail $99.
Although this doll has a gorgeous face and from afar looks amazing with her black hair and big red gown, I found both of those things to be issues for me. The hair was too big and the curls were difficult to keep tame looking. The dress was too much as well: too much fabric and overly designed. I did not keep her for long.

The next installment will cover the Veroniques of the Spring 2004 Sheer Perfection line: Pearlescence, Haute Luxuries, Diamond Dusted, Social Call and Sheer Goddess.


  1. Great comment on the most beautiful Veronique dolls... As you I love the Mauve Absolute.. she is the epitome of grace and elegance.. just like Grace Kelly... I don´t have any Veronique on my small collection, but when i can add a Veronique, for sure it will be Mauve or Chic..

  2. I absolutely LOVE the dress on the Flame Rouge Veronique.