BIC Exclusive "In Yuzen Blossom"

Members of the W Club received an announcement about a new BIC exclusive. Here are excerpts from that announcement:
"Designed by Nobuko Sakayori in collaboration with Jason Wu/Integrity Toys, this Exclusive includes a Giselle head sculpt on the FR Nippon Body, a pure silk Yuzen kimono, fur stole, obi-belt and Japanese sandals. This doll is a limited edition of 300, priced at Yen 19,950 (using today's currency around $201)."

The kimono is very beautiful and I love the sandals. Real fur is a little shocking in this day and age but it wouldn't stop me from buying a doll I loved. Most likely the fur is recycled - at least I hope it is.
The bow is out of scale and looks really bad.

She's not my cup of tea - no pun intended.

UPDATE from the W Club:
Yuzen Blossom Giselle (BIC Exclusive):
"There has been some confusion over the stole that comes with this doll. As a special request for this Japanese exclusive, the stole is in fact rabbit fur. However, this was a one-time request and future releases will have only faux fur."


  1. I actually quite like her myself being a fan of Giselle's face mould and Nobuko Sakayori is such a talented OOAK artist.

  2. I read in a dealer's email that it's faux fur and that the 'faux' was omitted in error. Either way, I don't like the look of it with the kimono and agree the oversized bow doesn't work.

  3. Interesting.. and a strange combo. I like that they are using real fur. Faux fur doesn't have the same flow and real.
    The bow does look disproportiantly large. I would take that cape and make it a skirt on some other doll.
    I love mixing it up:)

    I am surprized..(yet not really) at the expense of the doll.

    I think the doll should have been Ayumi (where is she these days?) Or Kyori. It would have made a bit more sense, theme wise.

    Now back to the fur... is Natalia receycling again? (2004 "Cosmetic Take Over")

    Always great to read you Blog, Terri.

  4. Dan: I think the fur in the photo is real. It appears to have a dense under-layer like real fur.

  5. Terri, I stand corrected :) I read Kazue's email this morning that said it's rabbit.I still don't like it LOL

  6. I don´t know yet if i liked... I like the style and love the kimono... but Giselle looks so old with that "makeup" and "hair style and coloring selection" I agree that Ayumi has the features that could enhance that makeup and hair style, even Agnes should make it works (the pouty lips!)... But i agree, that kimono and the sandals, are pieces of art