A Doll Rarely Played With

I'm usually so occupied with hunting and gathering dolls that I have many that are rarely played with. Colette is one of them. When the formerly-known-as Model Behavior dolls came out I was all over them. They have such perfect little bodies and they're so pretty. Their category name has been changed to Nu.Face Dolls with this incarnation. This is Colette Duranger, "Lost Angel," from the last group of these dolls. I actually adore her outfit, her hair and her lavender eyes.
When she arrived, I took her picture and stuck her in one of the showcases. And there she has been until yesterday.
A marvelously talented collector named Marguerite whose board name is MarC, made these pants. I just can't believe how perfectly they fit and how beautiful they look. Colette needed an immediate photo shoot.
The background is from a roll of textured wallpaper I found in a bin at Loew's. It has a great stucco texture and when I use armature wire to support dolls it provides a non-slip surface. The black grid is a frame which I can also use in front of posters to make it appear to be a large window. The chair is a jewelry box that a Canadian collector picked up for me. The table is a candle support with a mirror placed on top to give it a flat surface. The candlesticks are Fashion Royalty decor items. And the little poodles are little Rudy replicas. They appear in many of my photos.

If I get another pair of MarC's slacks perhaps Erin S., "Clash Control" will get to be redressed.

If They Make It, Will We Buy It?
The entire lot of them including Ayumi, came with either an ill fitting jacket or coat. Erin came with a ridiculous hat as well. Even the individually sold fashion had it's pleather problem. One could not lower the doll's arms due to the bulk of the fabric. Don't they try these things out before having them manufactured or does someone say, "Make it; they'll buy it?" The dropping re-sale prices are proof that has stopped working.
My fitting solution with the "Smoke Signals" Gear Up fashion was to open the seams under the arms and have the doll pray for better fitting clothing in the future.


  1. Awesome.. and honest. I agree with the thought "make it ..they will buy it.." those days are gone. Thankfully.

    I was taken so often, that I decided that I was outta there.. and slammed the door on the way out. LOL

    I started buying dolls that I really loved and trusted them to be in pristine condition. I think what totally killed a lot of my purchses, Terri was the knowledge that some of last years Convention dolls were stained.. and they sold them anyway. With the promise of rplacements.
    It is sort of like buying a car with broken rims.. onkly to hear "If you buy them as is. we will replace the rims, later"
    I wouldn't do it.
    The prices have gone up.. and the quality has slipped.
    Thanks for the look-see into your honesty and your blog, Terri. It is refreshing.
    It shows that we aren't all sheep ;)

  2. James: I have to admit that I often hesitate to be completely honest because I still have an emotional connection to the FR line. I haven't cut off my desire for more but I haven't pre-ordered the entire line as I would have in the past. Besides the Club doll, the Daria in red and one Poppy doll there was nothing else that moved me. I'm sad about that. I'm sad about the entire thing but when one door closes another opens. I have discovered a new freedom. I know it sounds weird to feel dolly freedom but it's true. I've been able to collect select dolls from companies I've collected previously like Tyler, Tiny Kitty and similar dolls from the Tonner Doll Co. I've allowed Cissy to enter the arena and Cissette. There's even a Ginny Doll in the house! I'm having more fun now that I'm not tied to one line of dolls. I thank Integrity Toys for this. Surely this is not good news for them and I'm still hoping for a few wonderful dolls with Jason's style.
    I accepted that the twins were stained because they promised replacement bodies. Mattel did it with the Silkstones. But it didn't make the NRFB collectors happy.
    I don't even know anymore if I should expect perfection although I remember that my first Fashion Royalty doll was perfect and so were the many that followed after her.
    So my new motto is: Make it and I will decide if I want to buy it. I don't have to have it anymore.

  3. I am with you, because, when I buy a doll, a collector doll, i expected it has to be flawless... even if i am a deboxer.. I didn´t start my collection, until the big bodies started, and I remember how hard was for me to get the dolls i likes.. I was not able to buy the entire line.. so i had to get, what i can handle at the moment... so when the latest dolls come with issues.. it really started to make me feel a little bad about getting a new doll... but the good thing about it.. is.. now it is not a nightmare to buy whatever doll i really liked..