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Sad Sally!

Somehow, in the midst of so many dollies, I missed the introduction of Sad Sally. She is a new resin doll introduced at the Tonner Convention last May. Here is a snippet from the Tonner blog: 
...the absolute highlight of this brunch event was the introduction to a BRAND NEW DOLL COLLECTION for Wilde Imagination.  Prepare to fall in love:  Meet Sad Sally!  She’s a 7″ Resin Darling with changable eyes and hair.  Sad Sally is… well,… sad.  Her parents are two famous actors (who shall not be named), and whenever they host their infamous soirees, Sally sneaks into the coat room and snips the buttons off of the guest’s jackets. Ha ha! Sad Sally is rather sentimental, so she collects those buttons, and hides them away in a sad little shoe box underneath her bed.  OK now you’ve heard the cute quirky story, now behold the darling little Sad Sally, creation of the doll mastermind, Joe Petrollese:
Introducing Wilde Imagination’s latest Resin Charmer: Sad Sally!
Sad Sally Outfit
Sad Sally Outfit
Sad Sally Outfit
Sad Sally Outfit
 Cute, right?!  Keep your eyes peeled for her later this year.  She’ll be available as an adorably melancholy dressed doll, with outfits available too!

I'm wondering if she will be the doll we will get at the luncheon in Kingston in 2 weeks. Or perhaps we will see her on Friday night at the store. Hmmm.
She is adorable.


Resin BJD Nudes in Comparison by Liane Laughlin

The following photos and text are by Liane Laughlin who has granted permission to reproduce it here.

Since so many have had questions about the differences between all the various resin fashion dolls, I decided to get my dolls naked for an in-depth comparison. I love each and every one of these brands for different reasons, so I have no hidden agenda. Below is a link to my FBJD Comparison Set on Flickr. I compared Ficon Denimish, JamieShow Angelina, DeMuse Doll Papillon, Deva Doll Nantha, Inamorata Inro, Numina Devon and Sybarite Dionysis. I have a Tonner resin doll around here somewhere too, but did not include her. Seems like there has been plenty of pictures of the Tonner anyways. I don't own a ModsDoll (yet). For holding a pose, the Sybarite won hands down. Others can get into the same positions as the Sybarite, but can't hold the exact same pose without support like the Syb can.


-See the original Prego post HERE
-See Liane's Flickr photostream HERE

Which doll do you think has the most attractive body? Please keep your comments either positive or constructive as the individual artists may be reading this.


Parting Shot

We're leaving for IDEX in the wee hours tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to the Mel Odom event and seeing other doll buddies without a computer between us.
The spousal unit and I will also play at Universal for a few days. It's going to be so much fun.

Here is a quick picture I took of Inro the other day. I've been trying out different wigs. I like her in the darker shades.  I did get a wonderful new wig from Ilaria yesterday and it will make it's appearance in FDQ soon.


Watch Mel's Presentation LIVE!

George of Angelic Dreamz just announced that they will be live streaming the IDEX presentation at the Mel Odom/FDQ/Jamieshow event in Orlando on Saturday April 13, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT

Here is the information and the link to join.

It's my understanding that other portions of the 3 day IDEX will also be broadcast but I do not have the specifics.

George also posted on Studio Commissary that the new doll will have a different body from the Jamieshow dolls. Will she be closer to the Gene Marshall body? Will a resin Trent follow eventually? Oh my.


Three BJDs Get Camera Time

In between decorating for the holidays and ordering stuff on-line I managed to get some picture taking done...finally!

First up is Jamieshow Alejandro. I need a really cool wig for him but for now, he's bald and still looks pretty good. He is my only male BJD and probably will always be the only one. His jacket and jeans are Jamieshow items as are the shoes.  I might need another outfit or two...

Next...Domina. This doll is just gorgeous. She is wearing Rosa Gloriosa, a SybMonde exclusive fashion. I have de-wigged all of my Sybarites but Domina is staying original. I think she is just perfect.

Last we have Neurotica. She is wearing Meeow. I forgot the name of the wig but it was a gift from a lovely friend in Portugal.
Meeow is a very strange and wonderful outfit but doesn't fit the new body perfectly. I think that in parts, it will be better than all together as it is now. The sweater has to go.


Numina ALERT!

Dollcis/Paul Pham sent out a newsletter informing collectors that Ajuma will go up for pre-order this Friday, August 31 at Noon Eastern time.
Here is a partial text of that letter:


For PreOrder this Friday August 31st at 12pm US Eastern Standard Time at

50% deposit to hold the doll with the balance plus shipping once shipping begins the last week of October.

Dark skin with deep shaded cherry lips, dusky cerulean shadow accented with gold lids and caramel eyes in a dark royal blue silk shantung collarless jacket with gold sequin detailing at the hems and sleeve ends.  "Peachy Clouds" print silk charmeuse bodysuit underneath, and metallic gold brocade cropped jodhpurs with zipper edged pockets.  Around  her neck, a raspberry drop bead necklace and at her feet, a pair of raspberry pink and black suede platform boots. Lastly, a Dollcis designed/Chewin made "african venus" wig,  complete the look.

Note: She is now sold out. She went very fast.