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Tonner Convention - So Far

Most of you know that the Tonner Convention began on Thursday, May 15. The opening event was an ice cream party Victorian style and there were some lovely dolls available to attendees. 
The Victorian dresses and hats look beautiful.
Victorian Social Cami – TonnerCon Exclusive LE 200
Victorian Social Jon – TonnerCon Exclusive LE 100
TonnerCon Exclusive: Victorian Holiday Matt – LE 100
 The Victorian Basic (below) was the souvenir. It uses the Kay sculpt on the Antoinette body. I'm not familiar with the Kay sculpt at all.
TonnerCon Exclusive: Victorian Basic LE 250  



Tonner 2013 Main Line Release

There's always a mind-blowing amount of new dolls and fashion in a main line release from the Tonner Doll Company. I'm just going to touch upon a fraction of the offerings and will provide a link to the site where you can see the entire debut.

My favorites and the two dressed dolls I will probably buy eventually:

While I am not a fan of the Marilyn Monroe sculpt, I do love this fashion.
In A Dream $199.99
This is Precarious with a non-removable wig. (IMO no wig is 'non-removable,' it's just glued.) I love the fashion and I am quite fond of the Precarious sculpt.
Tamed $199.99

Another Precarious doll whose wig should be a lesson to another doll company that can't get their rooted bangs right:
Think Pink Basic $124.99
Quite pricey for a basic doll but her hair is perfection. Her wig is "white removable synthetic hair." I wonder if that is the same as saran. The sunglasses are adorable.  I like her a lot.


The anticipated "Warm Bodies" dolls:
R $189.99
I laughed when I read part of the product description of this zombie doll:
  • Oatmeal long-sleeve shirt with holes and stains
  • Red hooded zip-up sweatshirt with holes and stains
  • Denim pants with rips and stains
For those who don't  know, he is a character in the new movie, Warm Bodies. He is played by Nicholas Hoult. The likeness is fabulous.

Julie $179.99
This is R's love interest in the movie played by Teresa Palmer. The sculpt - meh.

It looks like Glinda, the Good Witch, has returned. There may be a few details that are changed but this is the same doll.
Glinda, The Good Witch $249.99
Below is a picture of my Glinda taken several years ago. There's no difference except for a necklace on the new one. But it's entirely possible I just didn't put it on my doll. I'm glad it's re-released. She was a stunning doll. The Oz line was incredible.

Here is another early one I found. Now I'm really confused.
The 22" line got one of my favorite characters, Poison Ivy. Although I do not like her green vinyl, she looks very dramatic. The red hair is stunning, so is the price!
22" Poison Ivy $349.99
DeeAnna Denton, Cami, Jon, Antoinette, The American Model and Patsy fill up most of the rest of the offerings.  Sydney and Tyler make brief appearances.

The dressed Sydney leaves me speechless. If I were her mother I wouldn't let her out looking like this. The fascinator is described thus: Red fascinator with faux flowers, rhinestones, and veil. I detest faux flowers on doll clothes.
All Drama Sydney $224.99
Classic Elegance Tyler $199.99
 Are we going to find out that Tyler is with child?
The Tonner Ballet Line is pretty. I've never gone there but I do like to look. Here is one of the three offerings from that line:
Wood Nymph $244.99
The ballet feet are removable and come with high heel feet to switch off.

On a topic other than a photographer, I don't understand how they let this picture be published.
There are three major issues I would have had to correct. Do you see what they are?

Click here for the link to the Mainline Release.


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Modern Doll Convention Souvenirs @ Tonner Direct

Party of the Year ANDY 2011 Modern Doll Exclusive LE 50
 I don't understand why this character was created to look 12 years old. I know the back story, but he looks like a cute adolescent boy.

Tonner Direct is selling him for $159.99 but you can get him for only $150. directly from the MDCC. Didn't anyone buy him at the convention? I don't know if the free shipping on new Tonner products applies to these dolls. It might be worth it to find out and then compare prices.

Party of the Year FRANKIE 2011 Modern  Doll Exclusive LE 125
She's $159.99 at Tonner Direct and $150. from MDCC. You can buy the set from MDCC for $275, a savings of $44.98 off Tonner Direct's price of $319.98 for both dolls.

I have to admit that I will be very wary of buying any centerpiece dolls at the upcoming Halloween Convention. Why? If I had waited to purchase the Ellowyne luncheon dolls, I could have saved money by ordering them when they were posted just 4 days after the event. Ugh.

Convention and event dolls are supposed to be special, a little harder to get and somewhat costlier if you haven't attended. If only they waited two or three weeks it would have preserved a little of the exclusivity of the dolls. I wound up selling one of my purchases for less than I paid! That never happened to me before with a convention doll.

Party All Night ANDY, a UFDC Exclusive, is available for $149.99. I love his outfit.

From the same UFDC event and for the same price, Party All Night JON, is offered. Her outfit looks like something designed for Ellowyne. I see Jon as more sophisticated.

UFDC = United Federation of Doll Clubs
MDCC=Modern Doll Collectors Convention


Tonner Product Release - August 10, 2011

As I previously posted, Tonner releases will be presented on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month if there is a new product in stock.
Twilight -  Jane
Jane - Twilight LE 500
Dakota Fanning/Jane Head Sculpt
15" Teenager Body
Revlon Pink Parfait
Revlon Pink Parfait Outfit
Fits 10.5" Vintage REVLON™ Body  
LE 500   $79.99
Revlon™City Sleek Outfit Only
Fits 10.5" Vintage REVLON™ Body
LE 500   $79.99
Sleek Outfit Only
Fits Such Dolls as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™
LE 300   $89.99
South Hampton Outfit Only 
 Fits Such Dolls as Cami & Jon™ and Antoinette™
LE 300   $69.99

Free shipping on these items until August 14th.

Video of Robert Tonner introducing the new Jane from Twilight. 

All the photos in this post are from the Tonner Doll Co. (You knew that, didn't you?)