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Sybarites and a Lazy Photographer

I'm the lazy one. Here are three of my girls with their stands showing. I am so back-logged with my picture taking, I just don't have the patience to do a whole thing with each shot.

Toxica, Talc and Geometry wearing Venetian, Summer and Basique Deux.
The pink and green wigs are from Sour Grapes. The Blonde wig is from Champ Pac.


At Last - Photos

The camera is unpacked but the lights are not. I'm not quite sure where they are as there are still about 200 closed boxes. Sigh.


The Year in Dolls - A 2011 Montage

So many dolls; so little time.
I just spent a few fun hours going through the doll stuff  that passed through my doors this past year. A fair amount of what is pictured went back out the same doors after I got bored, traded, or decided to 'reinvest' the funds. Some of what arrived isn't pictured probably because it hasn't even been photographed yet.
The original image is 5000 pixels square at 300dpi. This one is very reduced but if you click on it a larger version will open. Can you identify everything? Can you find Waldo?


Talc and Geometry

I really need to do some other stuff but these gorgeous dolls cry out for attention and they get it. Talc is wearing a new wig by Cheryl Crawford that I think is just perfection on her.
Geometry is posing in her new Dehood outfit. The shoes are from an IT Avantguard doll.
Wig by Patta.
Then she snatched the wig away from Talc. These girls are dangerous.


My Favorite Dolls of 2011

Last night I went through my 2011 doll database and pulled my favorites of this year.

From Integrity Toys I chose five dolls, four of whom are FR2 dolls and one, believe it or not, is Fauxnessa. You may ask why Fauxnessa made the list when I am one of those who loved the original Vanessa sculpt. Well, this is a gorgeous doll. The other Fauxnessa, Monaco Royale, is one of this year's losers but Dress Code, the first Fauxnessa, was a winner.
I wasn't exactly sure that Flawless Elise was a 2011 doll or a 2010 doll because she took months to arrive with the proper skin tone and a properly created hairstyle but I love her along with every other Elise that's been released. Dasha is a total winner in my book and Tatyana, whose sculpt I do not care for that much made the list for her overall package - hair, makeup, dress. I just have to get rid of those black lines at the outside crease of her lips.

Tatyana, Dasha, Elise, Elise & Fauxnessa.

Quite a few Barbies and a few Silkstone dolls were added to my collection but were not considered for this end-of-year list. I tire of Barbie dolls very quickly and the Silkies, although pretty to look at, just hang out looking fabulous. However, one Mattel doll did survive the cut—Klimpt Barbie. She made it because of the back story and she is pretty. She doesn't have that pasted on smile most Barbie dolls have and her hair is adorable. A bonus is that she's not on the Model Muse body.

Angelic Dreamz' JAMIEshow Grace was a winner. I have posted many photographs of her on this blog as she is wonderful in front of the camera.

These two Ellowynes from Wilde Imagination are among the winners: An Empty Thrill and Dark Shadows.

Among the other Tonner dolls is Heart on My Sleeve. She was produced prior to 2011 but I didn't get her until mid year. This doll is from the Wizard of OZ Reimagination line. She is a creative version of the Tin Man and I think she's fabulous.

The first of the new wave of Theatre de la Mode dolls was Noir #99. This doll has a stunning sculpt.  She, too, is a fabulous photo model. Sadly, the second new TDLM, Royale #82, has not arrived as of this writing.

From the Halloween Convention came the Red Queen, with another amazing sculpt. She is so wonderfully evil-looking.

Saving the best for last...

Devon, one of Paul Pham's Numina and an FDQ exclusive released in December 2010. I was thrilled to get her. If you have never held a Numina body or seen one without clothes, you are missing something excellent! And, I am expecting the newest Numina any day now.

Talc and Geometry. What can I say other than, who knew? If their bodies had not been redesigned to allow better positioning and posing I would have not taken the plunge.

Many more have come and many have gone. I've made a few impulsive buying mistakes for stupid little stuff.
My main focus has moved back to larger dolls again. I found it very easy to sell what some would consider 'grail' Fashion Royalty dolls in order to fund my other desires. However...this year I was able to add several Tiny Kitty dolls that I was never able to get. They are still safely NRFB waiting to move to a new home - we're all waiting for that day.

I'd love to hear from all of my readers about your favorite dolls of 2011.


Random Pictures and Kissing Frogs

Geometry. After all these years I can finally say I love geometry. I hated it along with algebra in high school.
Two of my strobes have to be replaced. With age the color temperature of the flash has changed dramatically. I have to adjust the color balance on almost all of my images. It's not my monitor - I'm sure. There is also some function in my complicated camera that I can adjust. I don't like complicated.

I took a few of my older Tonner gals and fashions out of storage to do a red-themed group picture. It did not work out at all. The problem may have been the background which I was too lazy to change. There's that lazy word again. Out of more than 70 shots of 5 dolls, this is the only interesting composition.
It's part of a larger photo that I didn't like. *(You have to kiss a lot of frogs.)  

It would make an interesting greeting card.

Most Wanted Elise, one of the 2011 Wu Convention collection dolls, finally got some time in front of the camera.

This doll has the complexion of a corpse but I am very fond of her sculpt. We need to see Elise with a different hair color. I found it odd that so many did not care for her gown. While I'm not a fan of the double bows, I think the gown is gorgeous. The construction is excellent. The fabric is lovely and it works on this doll. I am pleased to have added her to my collection. She is one of only two dolls from the 32 or so available at the convention that I have kept. The other was the FR2 Tatyana.