Funny Face: A Woman Who Thinks

This doll arrived with a big clump of hair sticking up out of her "do." Needless to say, I was not happy.  The hair had to be re-glued. I used a product called got-2-B-Glued.  A little dab goes a long way but getting it to dry before the hair popped back up required a hair dryer.

By that time I decided she wasn't going to stay in my collection as I did not care for the styling of her hair. I have had most of the Anjas created and have never kept one. She is a pretty doll but she looks a lot like many of the other dolls in my 12" collection and so she was voted off the island.
I did keep the lovely yellow gown and it's accompanying hat. Both will need a little steaming to smooth out the creases but I do like the fashion.

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