Robert Tonner Presents Claire Fraser

Claire Fraser   16" vinyl  Edition Size 300     Price $235.

Happily Ever After sent out notification of the arrival of this long anticipated doll. Sadly, one still cannot see her face. Neither does the gown show well. What is going on with the pleating? It looks like one side is pleated and the other is mildly pleated.
I hope this is just the photographer's blunder and not the actual gown. This is a promotional photo after all and not the actual doll.
I did not order the doll. I'm waiting for Jamie.


  1. I am assuming it the dress is pleated on both sides because it wouldn't make any sense if it weren't; however, it would be nice to have a promo photo that didn't make customers wonder about this issue. I think the shoes are a disconnect with the historic costume, but they will probably be popular.

    I have to say I am beyond frustrated with Tonner/Phyn & Aero lately. The communication about the Outlander, Wonder Woman and Mary Astor dolls from the company has been pretty much non-existant. When the most useful updates come from the doll stores and not the doll manufacturer something is really wrong. I hope Tonner gets his act together about marketing because my experience with the company in 2017/18 is really turning me off.

  2. As you stated Terri, the accordion pleats on Claire's original dress is very difficult to repeat in such small scale. Designs by Jude did this pattern and they do a good job of addressing the pleats, but still not quite. I am planning on attacking(making)this dress so I will experience first hand the challenges. Panniers being one. Terry Dresbach, IMHO, is a genius designer with this show. I would love to see the Dior inspired suit as well for the dolls. Thanks Don

    1. Mattel did the Dior suit for Barbie quite a few years ago.