Reproduction 1962 Barbie Dream House with Doll

I may have mentioned about a thousand times that I have never been a Barbie collector. (IMO Silkstones don't count.) Deciding to buy this reproduction Dream House was all about finding out what the big deal was.

Mine came directly from Mattel although they somehow lost my order and screwed up in a few other ways. This was a big box weighing about 10 pounds.

Like a child without supervision, I snapped all the pieces out of the five heavy coated cardboard sheets before reading directions or planning.

In any event, I managed to make it through the furniture except for the lamp. I couldn't get the lamp right and I think I lost or tossed two plastic comb-like pieces that hold the sides in place. The rest was all very easy to do and came out surprisingly sturdy.

A few other Mattel dolls were thrown in along with the furniture and here are the pictures.

So now that I have this gigantic thing, what am I going to do with it?


If you plan to purchase one, you can get if for various prices other than list. Check your local Walmart, Target and other large stores. eBay has many for sale. Some are offering free shipping as does Mattel on orders of $39. plus.


  1. Hi Terri,
    How do you think: is it possible to dissasembly the furniture and walls and make it flat again? It must be giant. I am thinking about buying it too but I would like to keep it as flat sheets after some weeks of play with it.

    1. You don't have to disassemble the furniture at all. There is plenty of room inside the folded up house to keep all the furniture, the doll and a few extras! The whole thing does not come as a totally flat item. Picture a horizontal overnight bag.

  2. I love this set. I have been having my eyes on the original a while now but never could find a set that wasn't gross or filthy or falling apart and smelling like mold. The near mint ones from 50+ years ago are too expensive and since this is a big set, the shipping costs from private sellers almost always ranged from $30 to $80 - in some cases they were more than the thing itself.

    You can imagine how overjoyed I was when this brand new repro was finally being made. I waited and right before Christmas I was able to get the whole set for $52 and free shipping, after coupon and discounts. It is very huge but it closes up nicely to stow away.

    I wish they had made the New Barbie Dreamhouse from 1963 as a repro too. That one is amazing and very coveted. Shit, for that one, a filthy, gross, moldy set still sells for a nice chunk. In fact, I think Mattel should make repros of all their structures - college dorm, soda fountain shop, dress shop, kitchen etc. Congrats on your net set, Terri :) (that monster doll, though, is scaring the ladies)

    1. Monster Gaga is harmless. Poor thing.

  3. I am surprised for once Mattel got something done so well and so magnificently. Even the doll and the sheath fashion are lovely! It was a joy to open the ox and see this perfection! To be able to get this set for the $52! I paid is a dream. As Poppy said, if you come across a set it is smelling of mold or in disrepair. If they do the Fashion Shop, I will forgive Mattel for all the crap they've put out in Barbie's name in the past decade.