Tragic News to Report

A lot of us remember The Doll Pages, a site that served the doll community for years with free photo hosting and a place to sell goods. This site was run by Steve Malarkey and Rae, his wife.
The shocking news I received last night was that the two were found dead in their burning home on August 10, 2017.

According to police, Steve shot Rae, set the house on fire and then shot himself.
I can't believe it. I know that we never truly know what goes on in other people's families and homes but this is really messed up.
According to my source who spoke to Rae on a regular basis, they were selling the contents of their parents' home in a flea market and had much cash in their house.
There are criminals who know how to set up scenes to look like suicides and attempt to cover up evidence of the true crime with arson. That's what it sounds like to me.

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Many of you probably are aware that quite recently a photo sharing site was opened by the couple. using their original website to host this service. As with most web domains, the subscription will end unless renewed. I suppose that info is available through their webhost server.



  1. I am so very, very saddened to hear this. I knew both Steve and Rae as lovely people. The Doll Page was a pioneering early site beloved by all. The Doll Page was the first doll site I ever posted in and Steve was of infinitely great help and kindly encouraging when I set up Sybeau Monde. Such a tragedy.

  2. I hate the nonseamless use of wordpress on here: not sure if cmment posted or went into outer space:
    this is just horrible. I hope the complete truth comes out if it was some mental emotional breakdown or outside force. They were good people and deserve to be remembered and honored for what they did for the community. I know some might actually be worrying about their online site but I think it would be best for people to pull everything off there and finish any open transactions.

  3. I am so sorry to read this. I always found them helpful and charming when I had stuff on the doll page. My deepest sympathy to their families and friends.

  4. Terri, keep me informed. I do web design, as you are aware, and I'd be happy to take this on when it is time for it to be renewed. I can even put an alert on and find out their domain holder, how long they have it, etc. If people really want to keep this site going.

    Thank you for the info, and I pray/hope that they find peace - AND the truth.


  5. This is shocking and very tragic. I only knew them through the Show and Sell site, but they were always friendly, pleasant, and helpful---just nice people. I'm sorry to hear this.


  6. This is just heartbreaking. They were such nice people. I can't even fathom that Steve could have done this. The world is getting shadier and shadier, and crooks will stop at nothing. So tragic.

  7. This is terrible, I can't believe it. I never met either of them, but Steve always seemed like a nice guy when I emailed them.

  8. Are you going to post this on Doll Divas? I'm sure a lot of people will want to hear about this.

  9. The police don't seem to even think it was an outside job. They were both found in the bedroom. Sorry but sometimes you don't know what personal demons someone is fighting and people can snap and do horrific things. It's sad and tragic but just because someone seems like a "lovely" person doesn't mean you absolve them of doing something terrible.

  10. This is shocking. Like straight from a movie or something. While we don't know what really went on, and likely never will, I would not discount that he could have done what he did. As you pointed out, we don't really know what is going on in peoples' lives. What issues and challenges and mental anguish and pathologies they may harbor.

    If you go by people' Facebook posts and status updates you think you are the only person who isn't ecstatic and happy 24/7. But those things can be deceiving. There was a great and loved doll collector who was always the life of the party who committed suicide a few years ago, which came as a huge shock to most of us. Many could not believe how someone so full of life and joy could ever do such a dark thing.

    My condolences to their family and loved ones.

  11. This is some sad news. I never interacted with either of them, but I can say that their legacy of work, The Doll Pages and the hours I, and surely others spent looking at galleries touched lives.

    People can say what they will about ‘never truly knowing a person’, but I don’t believe those reposts. I know that doll people are unlike any other collector. Whether you collect art dolls, fashion dolls, antique dolls, etc- We might bicker on boards- but we collect the human experience in miniature, and they looks us in the face. Something in that bonds us to our collections and to each other.

    This is heartbreaking and the doll community has definitely lost an pioneer.

  12. I didn't know them personally, but I definitely do remember "The Doll Page!"

    Horrifically sad and disturbing. I pray for their families and Loved ones.

  13. Every person I ever met has an inner light and also a dark side. So Is it really the best thing to speculate on motives or to play detective or make judgments in this situation. We mere mortals may never know. What tipped the balance here. There is One who knows all and can make those judgments; Not me.