Gibraltar Sybarite/DD_0126

I almost got away with not ordering this gorgeous doll because I forgot to put it in my calendar. Then I went on Facebook late in the day and there she was in all her glory.

I love this doll. Superdoll is killing it! I love everything about her from her fascinator to her wig to the makeup and all the way down. The colors are absolutely stunning.
I hope those bangles open up and I'm dying to see her "uncomfortable stilletto-heeled" court shoes.

Here's the description directly from Superdoll's website:
Venus is fabulous as could be in her strelitzia Extravaganza, a late night rendezvous calls for coiffure, blossoms and very high heels.
She probably not paying attention to anyone other than herself this evening!
From the top. A gorgeous headpiece of banana yellow guipure asymmetrically sprouts from her flaming blunt red banged wig. A statement just as we get started ...fabulous!
Her eyeshadows in the spectrum of shocking green and smoke surround her eyes of translucent pistachio and blind fern with lids of unripened vanilla. Lips of fluorescent coral Macaw and beyond.
Her 1 piece frock; an ode and a nod; in electric blue sinuous silk satin custom printed with deconstructed strelitzia embellished in laser organza petals and piece d' resistance..... a beaded Massaii corset finished with a flourish of jungle bouquet. Probably not something you would wear for pre rendezvous cocktails.. unless you were a D'Royce; of course.
Venus loves twilight and loves nothing more than oozing around in skin tight satin as the moon comes out.
Always accessorised to the twenty sevens, Venus has a discreet electric blue clutch trimmed in stuff that matches her corset, opera length gloves in almost not there yellow illusion tulle, and totally uncomfortable stiletto heeled courts in magical 'just the right' blue.
Huge inspired gilt bracelets are her final accessory!
Venus knows once the beats start beating she's gonna shimmy all night long.
Could someone please hand her, her sunglasses?

Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)
Price: £279.75 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

279.75 British Pounds equals $375.90 US Dollars


  1. Hello,
    this time I agree: The dress is absolute stunning! I love the steel-blue color! The doll itself isn´t my coup of coffee because it´s the same skintone and facescreening again and I don´t like the half-closed eyes. But that´s my personal taste and I confess, apart from my opinion, she´s very pretty with her ginger hair and green eyes. But I had a feeling, that I´d seen a very similar couture-dress like that in "real life" before and I was right. Looking back to John Gallianos 1997 "Massai Collection" for Dior,you will find the resource where the idea for this dress came from. Of course the color is different and also the embellishment, but the corsage and shape of the gown is very similar.

    1. https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/318700111111499463/
      I see what you're talking about.
      Thank you.

  2. I think the dress is definitely Galliano inspired hence the name Gibraltar, it's his birthplace