Integrity Toys Convention 2016 The Style Lab Collection

All of these are sold as nude dolls. They are all wearing separate fashions. There are too many names and details. But the pictures are pretty.
Composed of 12 fabulous dolls and 12 assorted outfits, the boys and girls of the Style Lab explore various 90's trends that are just "Too Funky"!


  1. I think it's quite disrespectful to simply ignore the names of these characters and fashions. It may offend those who created it, took the time to think about clever and fun titles that refer to 90s music hits. I mean, it's like doing something halfway, creating an incomplete blog entry.

    1. Thank you for your comments. Please provide a link to your blog page.

    2. I'm not a blogger, but I read and like your blog, you often have a very accurate comments on some dolls in your reviews. I just wanted to make a point of how important is full coverage of someones creative work, so please do not be offended :)

    3. It's a non-issue. I don't post offensive comments. I'm making a point that if you are calling something disrespectful and offensive, do it better yourself.