Camelot: Kingdom Doll Event 2016

The Camelot event was scheduled to take place on Friday the 7th October through Saturday the 8th at The Castle Boutique Hotel in Orlando, Florida. As the final countdown to Friday progressed, dire weather predictions warning the entire east coast of the US, Haiti and Cuba filled the airwaves.  By Tuesday, there were reports of possible cancellations of flights and mandatory evacuations. I started to panic and after holding on for American Airlines for an hour, I was able to secure a seat on a flight for Wednesday. That gave me 12 hours to pack. OMG. I had never done anything like that in my life. Amazingly enough I packed and was even able to get five hours of sleep! Luckily I had already shipped my table gifts to the hotel to await my arrival which was supposed to be Friday, not Wednesday.
Anyway, I arrived in Orlando to sunny skies and 88° which belied indication of an approaching hurricane.

The first person I ran into in the lobby was a member of our fan club. She showed me around briefly and then I saw Alex. At least I knew I was in the right place.

The Castle Hotel is a quirky, small boutique location decorated in a uniquely flamboyant style. The best part was the size because one could find other people from the group easily. It was great.

Wednesday night, all day Thursday and right up to the cocktail reception on Friday were bonus days for me. The time was spent chatting and getting to know each other. That was 2 1/2 days of doll talk with lots of laughter.

I somehow (ha) managed to get in some room shopping from the three ladies who brought stuff. Here's my little haul.

We kept waiting for the hurricane to hit but Matthew was a dud in Orlando. We were all very sorry that 25% of the registrants could not travel due to airport closures and flight cancellations.

The Cocktail Reception was held in the Antler Lounge. Yes, there were antlers mounted on the walls.

We were gifted with this handsome Kinsman fashion, called Avalon.

There was a grab bag. I pulled the jacket from the "Back to Black" Kinsman outfit.

Kinsman Doll relaunch debuted Lancelot. All attendees and those whom the weather kept from attending were able to pre-order. This particular release will be exclusive to those at the event. The future open edition will differ. Details will be forthcoming.
This is a photo by Alex.

The new Kinsman, Lancelot on the left compared to the first Kinsman.

Len Ligotti organized a display of every KD to-date (not the OOAKs.) It was beautiful to see all the girls and both Kinsman Dolls lined up. Sadly, two of the slots were empty.

We got to see Igraine, a OOAK auction doll. Her sculpt is a new one and is called Icini. First photo by Alex. The winning bid was more than $12,000. (I am not posting the name of the winner here, please don't ask.)

There was so much to see at the Saturday Brunch. The fashion competition had three categories: Dressed for Shopping and brunch on International Drive, Dressed for Cocktails in the Antler Lounge and Dressed for an elegant gala evening in the Palace Ballroom. The entries were amazing. There was much creativity and even more beauty.
The winners were Patrick Paul Gerhardt for the gala evening, Mike Basala for cocktails and Steven Prokop for shopping.

Here's Steven's gal. She's got it all: phone, Starbucks, keys, Prada bag, big sunglasses. She was an incredibly appealing doll.

The next two images are place holders until I get better ones from the artists. First is Patrick's in a magnificent gown designed and crafted by Cholo.

This was Mike Basala's entry. So different and edgy!

There was another grab bag. We each got to pick two items from a box. It was fun as some of us traded for items we didn't have. I got flats and Orbit's jacket.

Excalibur was our convention fashion gift. In the left hand photo below (by Alex) the doll Guinevere is wearing the alternate gold version which was a helper gift. Nimue, the event Angel, is wearing the silver version we all received. Second and fourth photos are mine.

Pat Henry was one of the unlucky ones who could not travel to Orlando. She was to present a photo workshop. In her stead, Alex presented a few tips and tricks.

After the brunch was over a few of us went to the Florida Mall. Our driver introduced us "A Fat One."  https://www.facebook.com/fatonedogs/ It sounds very wrong until you see it.


We prowled the American Girl store. I enjoy looking at their set-ups. If only the furnishings were 1/4 scale. I want Maryellen's Living Room Set. It is so cute.  It would be perfect for period Gene doll settings. I just like it because of the spagetti poodle and the boomerang tables, the TV Guide and the lamp. That's pretty much everything. http://www.americangirl.com/shop/tables-chairs/maryellens-living-room-set-cmc54
As we entered the dining room for Saturday night's Gala, we were immediately drawn to the spectacular centerpiece, Morgana. Her sculpt is called 'Demetae.' We were introduced to this sculpt originally as Draig. The best photo of her that I have at this time is this one by Mike Austin.

At the end of the evening we were presented with a large styrofoam "rock" which had little swords sticking out. Each sword had a long ribbon attached. I knew immediately that I wanted the pink one and when the winning color was announced, I was stunned. It was pink.
I could have taken the doll home with me but I opted to have her shipped. She will be here very soon.

Our tables were loaded with gifts from KD, our table mates and other attendees. It felt like Christmas (or what I think Christmas must feel like.) Shoes, clothes, handbags, a castle candle, scarves, a stole, jewelry, a bound book of KD photos, coasters and on and on.

Winners of the competition were announced, the winning bid for the OOAK was announced and then the sword drawing. As a result of the missing attendees, there was a second drawing and two more lucky collectors were made very happy.

The convention doll, Guinevere, is everything a collector could hope for. She's absolutely gorgeous and her wig is perfection. The flexible resin 'cape' is unique.

Guinevere by Alexandra Forbes

Guinevere is the cover girl on Winter 's 2016 issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly.  We each got a copy of that, too.

We were able to purchase the gown and shoes in another color.

I'll be taking photos soon.
You can click on each photo to make it larger.


  1. Loved your blog Terri on the Camelot Convention. Congrats on getting Morgana, can't wait to see your pics!

  2. Thank you for your Photos and information. I was unable to attend as many flights cancelled and then Airport closed to try for another Flight. SOOO Disappointed. Depressing Weekend. I looked so forward to meeting new people, making friends as I mostly stay to myself. Alex & Amanda put so much work into creating this wonderful weekend for us and I thank them, just wish I could have been there to meet and enjoy.

    1. We missed all those who could not travel due to the hurricane. I'm so sorry you missed meeting everyone as that was a wonderful part of the event.

  3. Wonderful!!! thanks Terri........you are amazing!!

    1. Wow! Usually the anonymous posts are not very flattering.

  4. So glad to see this! I wonder what "flexible" resin is.....Hmmmm.
    The dolls really do raise the bar.
    thanks for the great reporting.
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

    1. Hi Will:
      I heard Haute Doll is to be no more. Will you write for another magazine?

  5. What a fabulous event. I am so happy that you were able to make and I appreciate "being taken along" with your photos and stories!!!

    PS - The stitching and the gold lines on the 50s lampshade are so hilarious = those were the days, LOL

    1. Hi Trish:
      I'm wavering on buying that American Girl set. It's so adorable but I have no dolls that can use it.

  6. Terri, I really enjoyed reading all about the convention, the wonderful gifts, the great people who made it, and above all, the DOLLS ! I'm glad for you that you won Morgana, and that we will get to see more of your gorgeous pics of her. I think Guinevere is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. Stunning in every detail !!! Thanks so much for your blog.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Cathryn. I appreciate them.