Sybarite GenX Dalston

I'm pleased to report that Dalston does not have the serious knee joint overlap issue that several other of my GenX dolls have had.  I am awaiting a replacement for Bethnal who arrived back in London the other day.

It looks like one has to get lucky when it comes to getting a properly made doll.

Dalston's outfit is adorable. The mix of colors is very pleasing to me. In order to get her bra to stay up, I put a few stitches across the two straps in the back. I urge extreme caution putting her shoes on as they are not the easiest fit and I did, in spite of being very careful, pull the end of one strap off. Happily, it just sets there without being noticeable.


  1. she is definitely one of a kind. her style of dress and colors are unique. her hairstyle is a standout for thinking outside the box.

  2. all I can see when I look at this doll is her ill fitting bra. She needs to see a good fitter.

  3. She looks great- love your photos and that prop stool is perfect!

  4. I love her dramatic face sculpt!