Arnamentia: Kingdom Doll's 2nd Atelier de Royume Doll

Introducing the second of Kingdom Doll’s Atelier de Royume collection.
Named after the ancient British Goddess of flowing water, spiritual healing and purification, it is said that in times of despondency or peril Arnamentia offers renewal of the mind, body and soul.

Featuring the limited edition head sculpt Brigantes, this highly anticipated doll is dressed in a stunning hand crafted piece of miniature couture created exclusively for Kingdom Doll by our bead atelier extraordinaire, the talented Priya Desu Bohra. Ever fashion forward, our goddess has paired her exquisite jacket with wet look black leggings and gladiator style sandals.

Arnamentia’s raven hair is cut in a sharp bob framing her pale water sapphire eyes which are accented with intense shadows of aqua, turquoise and darkest peacock blue. Her makeup palette was designed to echo the goddess’s key element, water, from shallow streams to the deepest oceans.

Also accompanying the doll is a stand, pair of hands on the hip pose hands, single bag pose hand and pale pink dressing hands/balls.

Arnamentia is priced at $895 plus shipping and will be sold at 6 p.m. BST (British Summer Time) on Saturday 20th August. Ltd Edition 25 worldwide.

As with our previous Atelier de Royume doll, Arnamentia will be sold via email to kingdomdoll@yahoo.co.uk . The opportunity to purchase her will be offered to every 5th email until she is sold out, i.e. email 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.  Please only send your emails at the allotted time and date as those sent before will unfortunately not be counted.

Please only send one email per person, multiples will not be counted and merely make the process of identifying those able to purchase so much slower! Unfortunately we will only be able to send replies to those lucky customers.

Please do note that Arnamentia's resin does photograph lighter than her actual resin colour in hand. The resin is our NEW casting of Celtic Oak the original resin used on Brigantia.


We would like to thank you for your continued support.
Sending you all our love from the British Isles

Alexandra, Amanda and Sarannah
Kingdom Doll

The above is printed in it's entirety from Kingdom Doll's announcement.

6:00 P.M. British Summer Time (BST) is  1:00 P.M.  Eastern Daylight Time in Pennsylvania.  See the time zone converter in the right hand column on the blog.


  1. I love her almost as much as Brigantia but Kingdom Dolls are at the top in my books for fashion dolls and I hope to get one as well as a Kingman doll some day relatively soon

  2. She is TDF. Gorgeous fashion. Would love to see her IRL. Sigh

  3. *Love* her aesthetics and her fashion is great, but Brigantia is probably my least fave KD sculpt. :/ Ah well, I should be relieved, I guess!

    Have the most recent ones been that pricey, though? I know ABJDs tend to cost more in "tan" colors, and maybe the fashion cost more...? Eira was quite a bit less than that, though, IIRC.

    1. No, they're not usually priced this high.

    2. Bjds cost a little more in tan as the process needed to get the resin an even color before the pour. An extra 20 bucks or so is worth it though imo. Different desires in molds is something Kingdom has taken care of more than most producers of bjds especially the "fashion" ones I think and Brigantia will always rule for me, lol, and wish that mold would be de in this new Celtic oak color as it does seem a but darker than the original. I usually will do white , yellow normal or tan in a bjd as the yellow normal is a good skin tone and the added yellowing if it happens, adds to it. I'm actually having a boy made in that shade right now. I do really like this doll and am sure she will be gone in the blink of the eye, if something else does come up that looks like it might and I do email and win one I will be on Prego selling the clothes immediately. They are great fashion and pretty but not my desired style on this doll.

    3. I really want to buy the clothes!

  4. She's gorgeous. I think the higher price is because of the beaded frock- I seem to remember that Liberty was a bit higher as well but don't remember exactly how much. Those beads have to be done by hand! Her screening looks extra special too.

    I really love her- and Brigantia is actually one of my favorite dolls I love her color- and I LOVE the face screening on this doll- gorgeous!

    I can't really afford to go for her since I am saving for convention and bought too many doll wigs and accessories recently- but I might not be strong enough to not try. I guess I'll have to see what happens!

    1. She is an "Atelier" doll like Viola was, ultra limited with a special fashion.

    2. She is an "Atelier" doll like Viola was, ultra limited with a special fashion.

  5. Are you going for her Terri ??

  6. This doll is quite a looker, almost a combo of Chancer's attitude with Brigantia's lovely sculpt and skintone. But as much as I love the look of her, I'm sitting this one out and saving my dolly dollars for Camelot in October! ;) Good luck to all that will be trying for this lovely! :)