Bethnal, Liberty and Chaucer

Bethnal is a bit strange. She's got the most difficult to control legs of any Syb I've ever had. She's also got a bad case of the joint flap. So far, every vinyl Syb I've undressed has the problem.
See: http://terrigoldphoto.blogspot.com/2015/12/disappointing-sybarite-gen-x-body.html
I'm not surprised this one has it but I expected a bit more from the legs.
Still, I like her face and I'll probably keep her.

I've redressed her in "Glitter Tit" as I did not care for her original outfit except for the shoes and the bag.
The photo on the right was shot with my iPhone in natural light. The one on the left was shot with a digital SLR in my studio with a mix of natural and strobe.  I did adjust the color balance in the photo on the left using Photoshop.

Kingdom Doll Liberty ranks near the top of my list of loved dolls. She is beautiful.

In these photos, she is wearing a dress by Nigel Chia. Shoes are KD. Wig by Ilaria. I darkened the background in the photo on the right.


I dressed KD Chaucer in "Enclosure Royal" a Sybarite fashion. I had to pin the top to make it smaller. Otherwise, everything fit including the shoes.  Black wig is Chaucers. Brown wig is by Cheryl Wood.

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  1. Liberty is one of my all time favorites as well! She is just so beautiful-