Superdoll Collectibles HACKNEY

The latest Bow Belle from Superdoll Collectables is Hackney. Here is her description from the website:

'I think I'll wear stars'.Taking in the neighbourhood sights while strutting her stuff in Trendiest East London.
Venus knows her way around this part of town... it's home. 
NEW! GENX.2 body!NEW! Cosmetique skintone! 
Her shoulder blade length mullet wig is a delicate blend of gingers with side swept fringe, serving 'edge'! Eyes of sky and bluebelle surrounded by shadow in rose, hot pink and grey. Heavy navy liner on her lids. Brows of mocha accentuated with fine strokes of rust. Lips the colour of summer roses at dusk. 
Her chequered weave 'boyfriend' shirt is unbuttoned and tied underbust, firstly to show off her waist and secondly to catch a bit of a breeze! To keep her cool, she wears floral print denim and AB stone trimmed half and half cut off denim shorts with functioning pockets, waistbanded in monogram petersham, just short enough to show off her long legs.  
Milky tea-coloured footless fishnet hose, a pair of gorgeous navy socks with banded tops and scarlet platform, pointed red courts bearing pom pom detail. These along with a cute denim and monogram banded 'speedy' bag dripping in silver accessories emblazoned with an enamel union jackbutton are her accessories of choice. 
Just when you thought that was enough she picked up her chain and orange crystal necklace and popped on her divine pheasant feather trimmed, star weave denim, Austrian flip back hat and placed it on her head, 'just so'..Good to go, she then added multiple hippy bracelets...just because she should!
The sun is shining outside, Darlings! 
Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)-booklet-standIn stock and ready to be deliveredPrice: £247.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
For ease of viewing, I have brightened up the photos.

£247 British Pounds = $354.47 US Dollar

I was going to order one until I saw her wig. I'll wait for the next one. :-(


  1. I really like her makeup, but not enough of all the rest to pull the trigger. Looking forward to seeing the next one though, I think I like this series better than the princesses from last year.

    Still wish they'd try something besides pencil brows on these ladies, though. ;(

  2. Ah, the mullet. Not actually an uncommon sight among the young hipsters. But of all the things to bring back, this is one that I wish they'd left...

  3. wigs cn be changed. This is the most appealing genx to me yet, go for it! [p.s. loathe mullets an not a fan at all of the wig, all I could think of was seriously?]

  4. I really like the fashions on these dolls. As an IT FR/NF collector, it makes me sad that I feel IT is lacking when it comes to an offering an edgier, trendy look in comparison.

    Now the NF dolls are merging into FR, and not much
    distinct style wise.

    Just my 2 Cents.

  5. I heard a rumor that Superdoll may be producing resins again. Have you seen anything about this anywhere? Love the blog, Terri!
    Nina Dee

    1. I read that there will be a resin doll produced for the next convention in London.

  6. I'm not a fan of the makeup on these dolls–they all look far too similar. There are just a few special color combos, but otherwise, much too much the same. I think the sculpt could be handled very differently on different dolls if SD chose. This is not like the day of the resins when the doll's faces were so different, even with the same sculpt. Oh well. Maybe Resin 4 (coming out in London) will bring that back.

    1. I'm sure the next resin doll will be hard to get.

    2. Agreed totally -- all but a very small handful of the GenXs have been done in a very similar artistic style, with maybe some differences in the palette. I wish they'd explore the possibilities of the Clone 1000 face a bit more :/

  7. I just bought one of these dolls, my 1st, can't wait, she is stunning,