Kingdom Doll Savile

Savile is the most recently issued doll from KD. She was a large edition at 60 pieces. Many who had never gotten the opportunity to own a KD, finally scored.
Savile Row is a street in Mayfair, central London. Known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men, the street has had a varied history that had included accommodating the headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society at 1 Savile Row, where significant British explorations to Africa and the South Pole were planned; and more recently, the Apple office of the Beatles at 3 Savile Row, where the band's final live performance was held on the roof of the building.  [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savile_Row
Here is a photo by Alexandra Forbes that shows Savile in her full outfit and original wig.
She is one put together gal! Her jewelry is of copper metal with turquoise accents. Her shoes are copper colored and her Birkin is turquoise.

Her pin striped suit is the nod to men's tailoring. The construction is superb.
Kingdom Doll Savile by Alexandra Forbes

BTW: You can buy the same Birkin in human size for about $15,000. Seriously, who would spend that much just for a leather bag besides a brand name whore? I'll take this black one.

My doll had a chill so I put a bodysuit on her. It's from an Avantguard doll. Wearing it, she can open her jacket without it all hanging out.

I've seen Savile in many styles and colors of wigs and she looks gorgeous in all of them. The sculpt is fabulous and I'm so happy to have her.


  1. Savile is looking very gorgeous, Kingdom dolls are amazing in making their beautiful dolls.People loves Kingdom doll very most and thry are very limited, even I rarely seen them in srcondary market, no one wants to sell their gorgeous Kingdom doll ever.Kingdom dolls are having more face sculpt for their dolls and their each dolls are so diffrent and so detailed, everything about their doll is luxurious.Kingdom dolls are the No 1 doll company.

  2. she is just ezqusite as are all Kingdom doll and Kinsman dolls. Incredibly they can all seem to wear different wigs and tyes of designs with no problem. Out of any "fashion" doll this is the one I would want second would be an Inaorata doll and third an older resin Syber of the tats and dusky eyes series

  3. I do love that open mouth sculpt so much. Not all dolls can carry it off but it really works on Saville!

  4. This doll is so beautiful! I sometimes regret never trying to get her.
    I have her outfit though. I was so happy to get it, I guess, since I would never be able to get the doll itself.